HughesNet Gen5 Satellite Internet as you’ve never seen it before!

Awesome support!    Huge data plans!   Self-installable Systems!    Portable Systems!

Tired of slow or no Internet access wherever you are or wherever you go?

Introducing ISPSAT… Stationary or Portable satellite internet systems and service that you control!

HughesNet Gen5 Jupiter 2 Satellite Internet Systems - Various Mounts

What’s better than HughesNet Consumer Satellite Internet?

HughesNet Gen5 Satellite Internet on our VAR Business Internet Platform!


  • Residential and Small Businesses customers love the support that comes with our VAR Business Internet Platform! (English and Spanish)
  • RV’ers love this system and pack it around with them and set it up wherever they go to get high-speed internet access from almost anywhere!
  • The oil, gas, mining and construction industries love the portability and self-maintenance options that come with these systems and services!
  • Emergency services agencies use our systems and services for mobile clinics and mobile command centers for wildfires and other disasters and events!
  • Venders love the ability to set up at remote events, trade shows, etc. and have their own secure network to place orders and process credit card transactions!
  • Backup Systems can prevent lost revenue and keep your customers happy if your main internet fails!  Our systems work great for backup internet access!

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