HughesNet Gen5 Satellite Internet as you’ve never seen it before!

Awesome support!    Huge data plans!   Self-installable Systems!    Portable Systems!

Tired of slow or no Internet access wherever you are or wherever you go?

Introducing ISPSAT… Stationary or Portable satellite internet systems and service that you control!


Fixed / Stationary

Satellite Internet Systems

Portable / Transportable

Satellite Internet Systems

Mobile Automatic

Satellite Internet Systems

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What’s better than HughesNet Consumer Satellite Internet?

HughesNet Gen5 Satellite Internet on our VAR Business Internet Platform!


  • Fixed / Stationary Satellite Internet Systems for homes or businesses that can be self-installed and self-maintained!
  • Portable Satellite Internet Systems:  Take it with you wherever you go and use it anywhere in our coverage areas!
  • Mobile Automatic Auto-deploy and Fly-away Systems are available that get you connected with the touch of a button!
  • Self-installable:  Assemble, setup, install and maintain your own system!
  • Custom mounts and installation options that are not available on other HughesNet platforms and providers!
  • Coverage Areas: Continental U.S., Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands and parts of Alaska, Canada, and Mexico!
  • Support: We offer better over-all service and support than other satellite internet systems and service providers!
  • Speeds: 25mbps x 3mbps speeds with unlimited data (throttles to around 2mbps if and when you exceed your base data)
  • Monthly Service Plans:  Many plans to choose from starting at $89.95 per month for 35gigs of full-speed data!
  • Month-to-Month, Seasonal and On-demand plans are available for an additional fee!
  • Purchase Additional Data:  If you run out of full-speed data, you can purchase more data at $3 per gig to get you through!
  • Hughes Voice (VoIP) Services are available
  • Residential and Small Businesses customers love the support that comes with our VAR Business Internet Platform! (English)
  • RV’ers love this system and pack it around with them and set it up wherever they go to get high-speed internet access from almost anywhere!
  • The oil, gas, mining and construction industries love the portability and self-maintenance options that come with these systems and services!
  • Emergency services agencies use our systems and services for mobile clinics and mobile command centers for wildfires and other disasters and events!
  • Vendors love the ability to set up at remote events, trade shows, etc. and have their own secure network to place orders and process credit card transactions!
  • Backup Systems can prevent lost revenue and keep your customers happy if your main internet fails!  Our systems work great for backup internet access!
  • Unlimited Data:  It’s nice to know that regardless of the monthly service plan that you choose it’s nice to know that you will never be cut off or billed for overages!  Instead, you are simply slowed down to around 1Mbps – 2Mbps speeds until your monthly anniversary or until you purchase more full-speed data or upgrade your plan!
  • You must be willing and able to download and follow our ENGLISH setup instructions and usage guide in order to use these systems and services.  We will help you through the process, however, without having the instructions w/ pics, etc. in front of you, it’s not easy and it will get very frustrating for you and us very quickly!
  • You must have the patience to learn this process if you plan on installing these systems yourself or moving them around!  If you don’t have the patience, don’t purchase!  You should consider the choice to self-install, self-maintain and move this system around like a HAM Radio hobby as there is a learning curve and it’s certainly not for everyone!
  • Last-minute orders rarely work out!  Sometimes we are a day or even a week or so out on parts, and unfortunately, UPS, FedEx, and USPS have been dropping the ball on us a LOT lately!  Make sure you order well enough in advance to fill your needs and timeline!
  • These systems and services will not support more than 10 consecutive users/devices, in fact, they will start to slow down significantly even with 5 – 6 concurrent users/devices!
  • These systems and services are not a good solution for VoIP, VPN or other applications that are affected by a 600ms + latency (delay).
  • These systems and services advertised unlimited data but we use “throttling” to slow you down to 1Mbps – 2Mbps speeds after you run out of full-speed data.
  • The full-speed data that is included in your monthly service plan is divided up differently between 8am-6pm and 6pm-8am.  Consider that when choosing a monthly service plan!
  • These systems and services will work for streaming video, but keep in mind that an average Netflix movie on a cell phone will use up 2 – 3gigs of your monthly data!
  • Netflix and YouTube are the only streaming services that have been tested with this system and service!  Other streaming services may or may not work well if at all!
  • The satellite dish that comes with these systems and services is 39″ x 39″ (round).  If you plan on moving these systems around, you must have space to store the components safely!

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by Stephen on ISPSAT
Amazing Customer Service

From Day One they spent the time to walk me through all my detailed and (sometimes) stupid questions regarding HughesNet Gen5. Then once my order arrived, they helped me help myself get the system up and running. And through the three years of service they have always been one call, email, or web chat away to troubleshoot and problem solve (although the system is pretty fool proof once I point it in the right direction). Even when it came time for me to move away from Satellite Internet they still walked me through everything, and handled the details for me. I HIGHLY recommend them for your internet service!