About Us

ISPSAT is a site we built specifically for the sales, service, and support of a high-speed satellite internet system that we can ship to you, you can setup and install yourself, maintain yourself and even move it around as needed and that will provide you with 25mbps x 3mbps speeds!  These systems are unlike any other on the market, as our systems are mobile-enabled and offer monthly service plans and options that you can’t get anywhere else! These systems and services are very popular among the RV’ing community as well as in the oil, gas, mining and other industries where a portable, self-installable or at least a self-maintainable internet access solution is preferred or required!  We typically attract RV’ers and the smaller Wildland fire fighting teams, Search and Rescue organizations and other emergency services companies and organizations by offering a $1500 solution to an industry where systems and services that offer this capability are normally in the $15,000 – $50,000 price range!

We also have many residential customers who simply want to install or at least control and maintain their own satellite Internet systems and services without having to wait days or weeks for a certified installer to install their system or get them back online!  For example, many people in remote communities like Stehekin, WA where it’s a 2 hour ferry ride to get to them, love these systems as finding a satellite installer in that area is hard to do and they could wait weeks or months for someone to show up to install them or get them back online!  With us, they just click to order, and we ship our systems to them and they assemble, setup and install their own systems (with our guidance and instruction of course) and get themselves online quickly and easily!

One of the other benefits of our systems and services is that you can take the satellite dish down and store it safely when a hurricane, tornado or other significant weather activity is approaching and then put it back up after it passes to get yourself back online quickly and easily!  Seasonal customers are able to take their antenna down and store it away so it doesn’t get damaged while they are away and then set it back up when they return!  Needless to say we have shipped a lot of systems to Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands following the recent hurricanes in that area that left many people offline and out of touch for several months!

We also offer some month-to-month options and you wouldn’t believe how many people buy and use these systems a couple weeks or just a couple of months at events like Burning Man and other events such as trade shows, concerts, family reunions and more!

Even if this system isn’t the right solution for you, we provide many other satellite internet and communications products and services for residential, commercial and enterprise applications!  We offer fixed, portable, mobile, transportable, and fly-away solutions and we offer free consultations to help you find the best solution for your needs! Established in 1995, we’ve grown from ICSM, to Allied-Force, to Montana Satellite!

We have over 20 years of satellite and communications experience that we bring to the table, and we’re not just sales people, we are installers and technicians who are familiar with the good, the bad, and the ugly of every product and service solution that we offer our customers! We prefer happy customers, so we do not oversell, we do not over-hype, and we do not count on promotions and gimmicks to reel you in!  Instead we provide what we call a “no-bull” approach to what’s available, what’s required, how much it will cost and help you to decide on the best solution for your needs so you can make the right choice the first time!