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Starlink is going to be awesome… however

Whenever we post an ad on Facebook for our ISPSAT/Hughes Satellite Internet Solutions or mention our solution in a post or reply online, we tend to get pounced on, usually by the Elon Musk worshippers, many of which don’t even have Starlink and/or actually know very little about it and just assume it’s already amazing!  They typically hit us with all kinds of comments and questions:

  • One word:  Starlink
  • Starlink is going to smash you!
  • Why would anyone use your ISPSAT/Hughes solution over Starlink?
  • Who would settle for those speeds when Starlink is much faster?

And then there are the ones who simply don’t understand that our satellite internet access solutions are not and were never even designed or intended to even compete with Cable Internet, good quality DSL, or other terrestrial solutions that are available out there!  Satellite internet solutions like DirecWay, Exede, HughesNet, Viasat, etc. were NEVER designed or intended to compete in that market!  Instead, they were intended for rural and remote areas where there was no solution or no better solution available!

I decided to write this post to enlighten some people and maybe explain who our customers are, who can benefit from our ISPSAT/Hughes services, and why!

First, I mentioned not even trying to compete with terrestrial solutions?  Well, believe it or not, we are!  Ever since Hughes Gen5 came out offering speeds of 25Mbps x 3Mbps, we actually HAVE BEEN competing in those markets since DSL and other terrestrial services in many areas are no longer as fast or as reliable as our solutions!  For instance, in many areas, some people can only get 2Mbps or 5Mbps via DSL or other terrestrial solutions.  In many areas, DSL and other solutions are not reliable, or are over-crowded!  We actually had several areas where DSL companies like CenturyLink actually cut off a bunch of their customers who had simply suspended their service over the winter months!  When they came back to Montana in the spring, they were told by CenturyLink that their network was overcrowded and that they would not be able to re-connect them!  Needless to say, those were busy areas for us for a while!


What is Starlink?

Starlink is a satellite internet platform launched by Elon Musk’s SpaceX in 2020/2021 involving thousands of satellites they are launching to low-Earth orbit to provide internet access to rural and remote areas of the World!  Check out all of the satellites here!   It’s a great idea since the satellites moving overhead can provide a mesh network of connectivity and since they are closer to Earth than the current HughesNet, Viasat, and other satellite internet service providers that have been around for years!  The internet access solution promises internet access to the World once all of the satellites are launched and activated!  Equipment is around $550 and service is at $100 per month!  Speeds are averaging around 100 – 200Mbps down by around 60 – 80Mbps up currently in some beta testing areas as of the date of this post!  But, it’s not going to be the best solution for everyone, at least not for a few years anyway!


Line-of-Site Issues

While our ISPSAT/Hughes Satellite Internet systems receive service from 2 different satellites in the southern sky, the Starlink satellites are still few and far between and passing overhead.  With our ISPSAT/Hughes systems, once we see the satellite in the southern sky and get the system locked, it doesn’t move, so once installed properly there is no reason for you to lose signal unless of course something hits the antenna or moves it somehow!  With Starlink, the satellites are passing overhead and if there is a tall building, tree or mountain between the satellite and you, you will lose service for a minute or maybe even several minutes until it gets in the clear and reconnects!  The problem we have today with Starlink is that it’s in beta and there aren’t enough satellites up and running to create a mesh network that covers every area of the World continuously!  Some day, it will happen, I’m sure, but what do you do until then?  Some people won’t care!  If they are only checking email and Facebooking or whatever, losing service for a few minutes here and there, probably won’t be a problem, but for anyone working from home or using the service for Zoom, or MS Teams, or streaming audio or video or security monitoring or anything like that, it could become a serious problem!  And yes, some areas are more reliable than others right now since Elon and the team have areas that they have focused coverage on for beta testing!  We estimate it will be a couple of years before everything is meshed together and providing better, more reliable coverage, but even then there will always be a risk over line-of-site issues with Starlink!



Although as of the date of this post, Starlink has applied to the FCC for portable and mobile in-motion applications, it has not been approved yet, and currently all Starlink accounts and contract state clearly that the system cannot be used or moved to any location other than the street address that the system was shipped to!   How would they know right?  Wouldn’t it work anyway?  No!  We’ve had a Starlink system that we’ve been testing for several months now and you cannot move the system very far from your current location and get service!  That will certainly change once the FCC gives them the approval, but until then, our ISPSAT/Hughes Satellite Internet Systems and Services are one of the only solutions that can be self-installed, moved around, and used in rural and remote areas where cellular services and other options are not available!



Starlink has set its monthly service pricing at $100 per month!  Speeds could get better and better over time, but for this example, we’re going to assume they are 200Mbps down x 50Mpbs up which is currently much more than what most are seeing in Starlink beta testing areas as of the date of this post!  Our ISPSAT/Hughes Satellite Internet solutions are currently at 25Mbps x 3Mbps and as of the date of this post, most customers on our platform are seeing an average of 28Mbps down x 2.2Mbps up.  Hughes is launching a new satellite at the end of this year (2021) that should offer 100Mbps x 5 – 10 Mbps speeds to its existing customers, and we’re thinking all it will take to get that is a simple repoint to the new satellite.  Hughes offers Consumer service plans from $60 per month + tax!  Many people are not even going to notice the difference between 25Mbps and 200Mbps, but many people are not going to be excited about spending $40 more per month for Internet access if they can do everything they want or need to do for less!  The truth is that for MOST customers, Internet access speeds are like megapixels with a camera!  Most people never benefit from more than 10 – 20 megapixels, but if they see an 80-megapixel camera, they instantly assume it’s better when it’s really not, unless or course you’re looking to print out some garage door-sized photos or something anyway!  For most people, they can do everything they want and need to do on a 10Mbps connection so for them, why would they pay $100 a month instead of $60 or even $90 to have something they can self-maintain and even move around if and when necessary?


Static IP’s, Security, etc.

Many of our ISPSAT/Hughes Satellite Internet customers require a static IP for their work from home, home schooling, security, or other network applications!  As of the time of this post, Starlink does not offer Static IP’s or any optional network features and capabilities outside of their standard offerings!


Customer Service

Anyone who’s ordered the Starlink system for beta testing knows that there is currently little to no support available from Starlink to assist you!  At the time of this post, people have been waiting 3 months to get their systems and even longer to get pole mount adapters, volcano mounts, and other accessories used for installation!  In fact, our sister company, Montana Satellite Supply offers satellite installation tools, supplies, and accessories found or created and has been shipping installation supplies such as Eave Mounts, Tripods, Roof Mounts, Pole adapters, custom mounts and more for use with Starlink installations over the last few months because Starlink customers have been unable to get them from Starlink!  Try finding someone to install your Starlink system for you?  Starlink could have chosen to use an existing network of professional satellite dealers and installers to better support their customers, but they wanted to keep everything in-house!  So, who are you going to call for your Starlink installation if you are unable to do it yourself?


Why ISPSAT/Hughes?

Imagine being able to order your equipment and have it arrive, set it up, and be online within 4 – 5 business days of your order?  That is an option with us, sometimes even sooner!  Imagine being able to send a text to us to suspend your service or for support?  That is an option with us!  Imagine making a phone call and having a live person answer your call that is able to assist you with your order or with any of your billing, service, installation, and support needs?  If you are in our local service areas, we can usually be to you within a day or two at the most to get you back up and running in the event of issues, etc. but we’re usually able to walk our customers through getting themselves back online quickly and easily!  On our platform, we can do that, and you don’t even need to deal with Hughes, you just call or text or email us for assistance!  Evenings, weekends, holidays?  Not a problem!  Although we don’t actually offer 24/7 support, we do return calls as quickly as we can regardless of the date or time, simply because we know how frustrating it can be to be offline and we prefer happy customers!


We love Starlink!

It’s easy to assume that we hate Starlink or that we are afraid of them putting us out of business or worried about them affecting our business!  And so far they have affected our business, by only increasing our sales!  Many people hear about Starlink, try it, find that it’s unreliable, at least for now, and then look for an alternative solution like us!  Our sales have only improved so far and needless to say, our sister company is fulfilling orders for installation supplies and accessories for use with Starlink every day and that’s been great for us as well!  HughesNet, Viasat, and other satellite internet companies will definitely lose a lot of customers to Starlink, but that only makes those networks less congested and more likely able to provide even better speeds and performance for the same or maybe even less money than what they offer now!  I’m looking forward to the day that I can toss my Starlink dish into my rig and head to a remote mountain lake for a week instead of having to haul a 39″ Hughes antenna and mount around with me.  I’m also VERY excited about the possibility of having in-motion internet access everywhere with our service truck and/or RV on the road!  How awesome will that be?  But here at my home I’m not getting rid of my 60Mbps cable internet anytime soon and those 2 trees next to my house make Starlink far too unreliable for me!

Starlink will be awesome for MANY people, but it’s not going to be ideal for everyone or for every application, and if you’re looking for a reliable solution today, and especially something that you can move around and take with you on the road in your RV, you’re likely not going to find it with Starlink… not yet anyway!


Are you ready for a reliable solution today?

Visit or call (888) 608-2299 for more information on our ISPSAT/Hughes Satellite Internet Solutions!


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Zoom Video Conferencing, Webinars and more over HughesNet Gen5?


While Zoom Video Conferencing and many other video conferencing apps are not officially supported over the HughesNet Gen5 Satellite Internet Platform, Zoom automatically adjusts for the amount of bandwidth that is available, so many of our customers have reported that it actually works pretty well compared to similar applications!  Keep in mind that our ISPSAT.COM services are on the VAR Business Internet Platform, not the standard HughesNet Consumer platform!  We do not push video streaming over our platform, so we tend to get better over-all speeds and performance than the HughesNet Consumer platform, so please keep that in mind if you are not a customer of ISPSAT/Montana Satellite!

Please keep in mind that it might work better some times than others, and a lot will depend on how many people and/or devices are connected to your HughesNet system at that time!  For best results, we recommend that you turn off any background apps on any devices that may be using up bandwidth in the background in order to get the best Zoom experience over HughesNet.

We have had enough inquiries into it, that we decided to post the bandwidth requirements for Zoom for our customers and prospects!


Bandwidth requirements for ZOOM

The bandwidth used by Zoom will be optimized for the best experience based on the participant‘s’ network. It will automatically adjust for 3G, WiFi, or wired environments.

Recommended bandwidth for meetings and webinar panelists:

For 1:1 video calling:
600kbps (up/down) for high-quality video
1.2Mbps (up/down) for 720p HD video
Receiving 1080p HD video requires 1.8Mbps (up/down)
Sending 1080p HD video requires 1.8Mbps (up/down)

For group video calling:
800kbps/1.0 Mbps (up/down) for high-quality video
For gallery view and/or 720p HD video: 1.5Mbps/1.5Mbps (up/down)
Receiving 1080p HD video requires 2.5Mbps (up/down)
Sending 1080p HD video requires 3.0Mbps (up/down)

For screen sharing only (no video thumbnail):  50-75kbps
For screen sharing with  video thumbnail: 50-150kbps
For audio VoiP: 60-80kbps
For Zoom Phone: 60-100kbps

Recommended bandwidth for webinar attendees:

For 1:1 video calling: 600kbps (down) for high-quality video and 1.2Mbps (down) for HD video
For screen sharing only (no video thumbnail): 50-75kbps (down)
For screen sharing with video thumbnail: 50-150kbps (down)
For audio VoiP: 60-80kbps (down)

Latency: The delay between packet being sent and received. Typically, a latency of 150ms or less is recommended. Higher latency values will result in noticeable delays between video and audio. For example, the time between you speaking and the other user receiving the audio on their end.

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NEW Mobile Automatic HughesNet Gen5 Satellite Internet Systems & Services

Update:  11/1/20:  Now shipping!  $5995.00 + shipping!  Contact us to order your high-speed mobile automatic satellite Internet system and service today at (888) 608-2299!

We are excited to be offering the most affordable mobile automatic satellite Internet systems, and one of the few powered by the HughesNet Gen5 Business Internet VAR Platform!  These systems were designed, built, and tested by some of the original pioneers and engineers in the mobile satellite industry that have been designing affordable solutions for many years!  We already know and trust that it will be very durable and reliable!

These systems offer 25Mbps download speeds and 3Mbps upload speeds with monthly service plans starting at just $89.99 per month and go up and lock onto the Internet satellite in just a few minutes with the touch of a button! Voice services are optional and start at just $39.99 per month as well!

Update 8/7/20:  We have this gem in our hands and are testing it now!  We expect to have pricing soon and to be shipping within a few weeks!  Be sure to fill out and submit the form below to be the first to get pricing and availability information!

This picture is of the new .90m mobile fully-automatic HughesNet Gen5 satellite Internet System!

mobile HughesNet Gen5 Satellite Interent Systems and Services

Click Here to request more information!

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Upgrade to ISPSAT for HughesNet Gen5 Service and Support

If you are a current HughesNet Consumer or HughesNet Business Internet Customer, and you are tired of waiting on hold to get support or waiting days or weeks or longer for a technician to get you back online, it may be beneficial for you to switch over to us!   We sell, service, and support our own customers, so you never have to deal with HughesNet again!


  • 25Mbps down x 3Mbps up speeds
  • Monthly Service plans start at $89.99 per month for 35gigs of data per month (25gigs from 8am – 6pm CST and 10gigs from 6pm to 8am CST)
  • A Static IP address is available for $20 per month
  • VoIP services are also available!  Click here for more information!



  • Imagine being able to re-peak your own satellite dish after a windstorm?
  • Imagine being about to upgrade, downgrade, suspend, re-activate, purchase additional data, or more online quickly and easily?
  • Imagine having access to monthly service plans that offer up to 550 gigabytes of data per month!
  • Imagine being able to take your system down and toss it in your RV and hit the road, or take it to your summer cabin or winter home?
  • Imagine calling someone for support who will probably recognize you by name and help you quickly with whatever issues you are having?
  • Imagine being able to get a replacement part shipped to you so that you can swap it out and get your system back online in a day or two rather than a week or more?
  • Imagine being able to use your system for a month or so here and there every year without a contract?  We offer a contract buy-out option that allows you to do that!



  • It could cost you $800 or so to switch over to us!  It will cost you $400 + shipping for modem and transmitter that you will need to switch over to us, and HughesNet may charge you up to a $400 cancellation fee for terminating your existing service with them!
  • Data on our VAR platform is designed and intended for “Business” applications.  Our monthly service plans give you more data between 8am – 6pm CST than they do in the evenings and early mornings like the HughesNet Consumer Platforms do, so you will want to make sure you get a big enough plan to handle your usage in the times you need it!  Check out all of our monthly service plans here before switching over to us!
  • A 2-year contract is required for our service as well, however, you can suspend your service for up to 6-months per year at a cost of $20 per month!  You can also choose to buy out your contract by paying the early termination fee of $400 upfront and then just use your equipment and service when you need it!
  • Self-installation, self-maintenance and moving these systems around require patience, as it can get very frustrating until you get used to working with the system!  We have detailed step-by-step instructions and we are also here to assist you by phone, text, email, Skype and more if and when you need us, but consider this something like having a Ham radio hobby in that it takes patience to get the hang of things!
  • HughesNet is HughesNet!  Although we can help solve many of the issues and complaints commonly associated with the HughesNet Consumer and Business Internet platform, it’s still the same satellite, the same bandwidth, the same latency, and so on!  We do not recommend HughesNet for streaming video, online gaming, remote desktop, video conferencing or anything like that due to the data consumption, the latency and more!   3 Netflix movies a month and you’re out of full-speed data and have been slowed down to around 2Mbps speeds!  I don’t believe our business internet platform gets as abused as the Consumer platform by streamers, because we don’t get nearly as many complaints on our platform as we do on the Consumer platform.


How do you switch over to us?

  1. First, you would need to order a new HT2000w modem and a 1-watt transmitter from us since our equipment is not the same as the HughesNet Consumer or Business Internet equipment and you cannot use HughesNet Consumer equipment on our platform!  That will cost you around $400 + shipping!
  2. Next, you need to request an account and service with us by submitting an Account Request Form and a Credit Card Authorization Form!  We will set up an account for you and send you a SAN and PIN and instructions on how to activate your new service on our platform.
  3. Once you receive your new modem and transmitter, you can use your old HughesNet dish and just swap out the modem and transmitter for your new ones on our platform!  Hopefully, your dish is still pointed properly so you shouldn’t need to mess with any of that!  If you do, we can show you how to fix that!
  4. Use your instructions or contact us so we can help you run through a commission process to connect your new modem to your new account and bring your system online!
  5. Once you are online and everything is working you will want to contact HughesNet at (866) 347-3292 or (866) 347-3272 to cancel your existing service!  NOTE: If you have not had your existing service for 2-years, they will probably charge you an early termination fee unless you can convince them to waive that fee for you!  That rarely happens, but you can try!  The cancellation fee can be up to $400 and you will probably need to return your modem and transmitter to HughesNet upon cancellation!  Again, they usually let you keep the dish but we cannot and will not guarantee that!  You might want to contact HughesNet to make sure before ordering equipment from us!

That is about all there is to it!  Once you switch over, everything you need is at !  Whether you are purchasing additional dataupgrading or downgrading your plansuspending or re-activating your serviceupdating your billing information or getting support, or anything, it’s all handled through that site or by calling us at (888) 608-2299!  You will never have to contact HughesNet again!

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An explaination of HughesNet Anytime and Bonus Data

Many people who have or are looking into getting HughesNet Satellite Internet are confused by the mention of “Anytime Data” and “Bonus Data” included in their monthly service plans.  We will attempt to clarify that here for you as it’s important to consider the amount of “Anytime Data” and “Bonus Data” that is included in your Monthly Service Plan in order to find out which plan is going to work the best for you.  There are also differences between how the data is assigned on the HughesNet Consumer and HughesNet Business Internet Platforms, and that is also important to consider!

Since you’re on our site and we sell, service and support our own version of the HughesNet Gen5 systems on our VAR Platform that offer self-installation and portable use options, I’ll talk about that platform first!  Our systems are on the “Business Internet” Platform with Hughes!  Normally, for fixed installations, this platform is typically offered to business customers who use the system more during business hours (8am – 6pm or similar) than they do during the evening and early morning hours!  We happen to use the “Business Internet” platform and mobile-enabled equipment on our VAR (value-added reseller) platform since we sell, service and support our own customers!

Our minimum monthly service plan is $89.99 per month and that plan includes 25gigs of data per month from 8am – 6pm CST, and 10gigs per month of data between 6pm – 8am CST for a total of 35gigs of full-speed data per month.  If and when you go over that data… we don’t cut you off or bill you for overages, we just slow you down to around 2 – 3Mbps speeds until your monthly service renews, until you upgrade your plan or choose to purchase additional full-speed data.  On the bright side, even the slower speeds offered after you go over your full-speed data typically work fine for surfing and email, Facebook, etc, and are usually still better and faster than many RV Parks offer to their guests for basic Internet access anyway!

For many of our customers who do more online in the evenings and earlier morning hours than they do during “business hours,” some of them have chosen our 50gig monthly service plan which gives them 25gigs from 8am – 6pm CST and 25gigs from 6pm – 8am CST since that plan is more balanced, but it’s also $119.99 per month, so most of our RV’ers stick with our $89.99 plan and do well, even if they do happen to go over their included full-speed data!

For those customers who do not need the ability to self-install, self-maintain or move their system around, the Consumer platform might be a better solution if you will be using your system more often in the evening and early morning hours than you would use it throughout the day as the Consumer plans provide more full-speed data in the evening and early morning than they do during business hours!  Contact us to see if a HughesNet Gen5 Consumer system and service may be better for your needs and application!


I’ve included some links below for existing customers on our ISPSAT/HughesNet Gen5 VAR Platform, as well as for customers on the HughesNet Consumer and HughesNet Business Internet platforms that should allow you to check your data, order additional full-speed data and more!


For Customers on our Montana Satellite / ISPSAT / HughesNet Gen5 VAR Business Internet Platform

Check out our monthly service plans here:

Purchase Additional Data here:

Upgrade or Downgrade  your monthly service plan here:

Check your monthly data usage here:  (must be connected to your Hughes modem network)

Check your hourly data usage here:


For Customers on the HughesNet Gen5 Consumer Platform

HughesNet customers on the HughesNet Consumer platform can use the following links to check their data, purchase data tokens and more!

Check your monthly data usage here:  (must be connected to your Hughes modem network)

Check your hourly data usage here:

Log into to check your data, purchase additional full-speed data and more!


For Customers on the HughesNet Gen5 Business Internet Platform

Check your monthly data usage here:  (must be connected to your Hughes modem network)

Check your hourly data usage here:

You will need to contact HughesNet at (800) 347-3272, or your HughesNet Business Internet Dealer/Installation provider for more information!


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Streaming Video over Satellite Internet

Every day, we get people asking us why their Netflix is buffering over their HughesNet or Viasat Satellite Internet Systems!

Let me be clear… I have been in this business for 20 years and I would NEVER suggest to anyone that’s even trying to stream Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Amazon Prime, Apple TV, or anything over ANY satellite Internet system is a good idea unless it’s in your budget to spend $5000 – $12000 on equipment and around $2000+ per month for a service plan that will truly support it!

While you may hear companies promoting streaming video over satellite internet systems simply because it WORKS, most people never read the fine print, are ever told, or figure out that it’s simply not feasible due to the throttling that these companies use to prevent bandwidth hogging and abuse over a shared network!

Here’s the reality and we’re going to use the most popular satellite internet system on the market today, the HughesNet Consumer Gen5 Satellite Internet system, for our example, but it’s the same with the HughesNet Business Internet and our Hughes Business Internet VAR platform as well as with Viasat and others!

The problem is that most monthly service plans offer a specific amount or assumed amount of full-speed data that’s included with your monthly service plan.  The most popular HughesNet Consumer plans offer 10gig – 20gig of full-speed data per month before they start to throttle you!  Even Viasat has throttling mentioned in their fine print although they don’t set specific data caps before they choose to throttle the connection.

So, let’s assume you’re paying for a $69.99 plan that includes 20gigs of data.  With Hughes, that means that once you are out of data, you are throttled down to around 2Mbps speeds!  ONE Netflix movie on a cell phone or tablet could use up 3gigs of that data.  ONE Netflix movie on a computer or TV screen could use 6gigs of data.  So, depending on what else you are doing online, that’s 3 – 6 movies before you are over your monthly data and have been throttled down to 2  – 3Mbps speeds.   Now technically, Netflix SHOULD still stream for you at those slower speeds, but it’s going to buffer a LOT and that can get very frustrating for sure!

Don’t get me wrong… while we do have customers that stream Netflix all month and are usually out of full-speed data and slowed down by day 3 or 4, that usually only works when you are not located in a congested beam and when you don’t have any other people or devices sharing that connection in your home and also when you use the right device for running your Netflix or other streaming apps!  We’re hearing that SmartTV’s with Netflix installed seem to do better than FireSticks, Android Boxes and so on, but that hasn’t been verified!

Also, Hughes has tested Netflix and YouTube with their system, however, they have not, that I’m aware of anyway, ever tested it with Hulu, Amazon Prime, Apple TV or anything like that, and some of our customers have reported that it doesn’t work as well as Netflix and YouTube, probably because of the resolution they use. I’ve been told that Netflix and YouTube adjust the resolution to suit your internet connection, so that might be why they work better than others!

So, choose wisely!  Montana Satellite rarely ever recommends any satellite internet solution to anyone that wants to stream video unless they can’t get anything better that truly offers unlimited data and something that doesn’t use throttling to the level that most satellite Internet and many cellular providers do!  Cable Internet, DSL and some Wireless Point-to-Point and cellular providers offer unlimited data plans that don’t throttle or at least don’t restrict you enough to affect streaming video!

If you don’t have a choice, then check out our ISPSAT / HughesNet Satellite Internet offerings at and if you live in an area where you have a decent AT&T or T-mobile cellular signal, you might want to check out some of our truly unlimited cellular LTE internet access solutions here:

What can you do for now:

  • You can wait until your monthly renewal date when your data refreshes!
  • You can purchase more full-speed data via data tokens that will restore your speeds!
  • You can upgrade your monthly service plan to include more full-speed data!
  • You can find a different internet access solution such as our unlimited cellular LTE equipment and services offered here:

Contact us to see which internet access solution is right for you at (888) 608-2299 or email [email protected] for more information!

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Internet Access Solutions for Wildland Firefighing teams

We have provided portable and mobile internet access solutions for Wildland Fire Fighting teams and other Emergency Response teams for many years!  We offer several different solutions that allow us to be a one-stop-shop for most of their rural communications needs!  From our cellular amps that boots signals to allow for 3G/4G/LTE phone and data services, to our satellite phones and portable and mobile-automatic satellite internet systems, we have what it takes to small companies and large agencies connected and online almost anywhere!  These are just a few of the many different solutions we offer for Wildland Fire Fighting Teams, companies and agencies as well as for search and rescue, disaster and emergency services organizations!

Cellular Amplifiers / Boosters

We are a commercial Wilson / WeBoost dealer offering a variety of cellular amplifiers/boosters for stationary and mobile applications!  Most of the command centers out there use one of our in-building cellular amplifiers with a mobile omnidirectional antenna in order to benefit from the stronger solutions that we offer to bring in good, reliable cellular services for voice and data operations!  These solutions start at around $600 – $800 while our more powerful, more flexible and more-capable commercial solutions are around $1000 – $2000!   Cellular amplifiers/boosters are a great solution if you are always within 40 – 50 miles of a cell tower and have a good line-of-site to that tower, however, if you are looking for something that will work anywhere, you might want to keep scrolling!  Contact us for more information and so we can help you find the best solution for your needs!


Satellite Phones

Satellite phones provide Global Voice/Data capabilities!  We offer Iridium and Inmarsat handheld satellite phones for sale and rent! Pre-paid and post-paid monthly service plans are available!  We also offer portable hotspots and stationary satellite phone systems with standard business quality phones that are perfect for mobile command centers and can also be installed in any home or business for that matter!  We also offer BGAN portable and mobile in-motion voice/data solutions! Data is slow and fairly expensive on these platforms, typically priced by the MB, so most people who are looking for a high-speed internet access solution who do not need in-motion capabilities prefer our cellular or satellite internet solutions instead!  There are many different equipment options and service solutions available, so please contact us to discuss your needs and nail down the best solution for your needs and application!


Satellite Internet

Portable HughesNet Gen 5 Satellite Internet Systems on one of our VAR Business Internet Platforms

Speeds:  25mbps x 3mbps
Coverage Area:  CONUS and parts of Alaska, USVI, Puerto Rico, as well as some northern parts of Mexico!
Equipment: $699.99 + $150 for the basic equipment or $899.99 + $200 shipping for a complete portable solution!
Monthly Service:  Plans start at $89.99 per month for 35gig of monthly full-speed data!
Data Caps / Overage:  *Unlimited  (throttled down to around 2mbps speeds until the end of the monthly cycle or until additional data is purchased!)
Contract: A 2-year contract is required, however, you can suspend your service for $20 per month when you are not using it!


Our portable HughesNet Gen5 Systems and Services are great for normal internet access and even an occasional Netflix or YouTube video!  It is nice and fast, allowing you to pull up most websites in just a few seconds!  The built-in WiFi saves space and power and this is an awesome solution for your very own, secure internet access solution that will work from almost any location in the CONUS!  These systems and services offer UNLIMITED DATA, meaning if you go over your plans base full-speed data, you are simply slowed to around 2mbps speed until your monthly anniversary date or you can choose to purchase additional data that never expires to get you back up to speed!  RV’ers love this system, but it is also very popular in the oil, gas, mining, construction industries as well as with many different emergency response teams!  Many people are installing these systems at their homes and businesses just so they can self-install and maintain them on their own without having to wait around for a tech!  We have many different service plans available for you to choose from and you can always choose to purchase additional full-speed data if and when necessary!


  • This system has built-in dual-band A/C wireless and is great for providing internet access for up to 10 concurrent users/devices at a time!
  • This system can be self-installed, self-maintained and moved around as needed without the need to contact anyone before or after doing so!
  • This system is the fastest, most affordable portable satellite internet solution on the market today!


  • Manual setup and pointing required!  It takes approximately 20 minutes to get this system set up, pointed and online!
  • VoIP Services & WiFi Calling and VPN applications may struggle or not work at all from time to time on this system, so we do not recommend counting on it for those applications!

iDirect Mobile Satellite Internet Solutions

Speeds:  64k up to 20mbps x 5mbps  (various plans and service providers available)
Coverage Area:  CONUS and parts of Alaska, USVI, Puerto Rico, as well as some northern parts of Mexico!
Equipment:  .84m 6-watt systems from $6999.95, 1.2m 6-watt systems from $10,000+
Monthly Service:   We have iDirect service plans starting at $99 per month, but our 5mb x 1mb  15:1 contention plans w/ unlimited data start at $160+ per day!
Data Caps / Overage:  *Unlimited Data (however streaming and other apps may be blocked w/ different service providers)
Contract:  1-year contracts are normally required, however, we have many different options and solutions for Emergency Responders to get around that requirement!


iDirect is one of the oldest satellite internet platforms out there!  They provide rock-solid service and support and service plans that will properly support bandwidth-intense applications such as VoIP, WiFi calling, several concurrent users and devices and more!  iDirect typically requires a mobile-automatic solution and we have equipment packages starting at $6995.00 + shipping that will support iDirect services!  Our larger .98m and 1.2m equipment packages ($10,000+), offer you the capability of choosing from several different service providers and service plans as well as offering broader coverage areas!


  • Service plans available that properly support VoIP, WiFi Calling, VPN and other bandwidth-intense and latency sensitive applications
  • No manual setup or pointing!  Our mobile-automatic solutions go up and lock onto the satellite within 5 – 7 minutes at the touch of a button!
  • Many different service providers and service plans are available (minimum antenna size requirements will apply)
  • Flexible service plans and options allow for full-time, seasonal and on-demand use!
  • Plans are available over the iDirect platform that will support hundreds of concurrent users if and when necessary!


  • Equipment can range from $7000 – $50,000 depending on antenna size and equipment configuration for special needs or applications!
  • Monthly service plans are more expensive since there are fewer users on each network in order to support applications such as VoIP, VPN and more!

Contact us anytime for more information on these and other solutions!  Even if we don’t have the best solution for your needs, we’ll point you in the right direction!

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Why all of the bad reviews about HughesNet?

Every day I see someone complaining about their HughesNet system and service, so I’ve decided to spend some time addressing some of those issues as quickly and easily as I can for you here!  Now I’m not saying that HughesNet service isn’t free from issues and frustrations, because they do have issues from time to time that gets very frustrating for sure!  But, here are the top reasons why people end up unhappy with HughesNet and how you can help ensure that you don’t become one of them:

I believe the biggest problem with HughesNet is that it’s too often over-sold to the wrong people for the wrong reasons!  This is a broad topic for sure, but I’m going to cover a few issues where over-selling comes into play far too often with HughesNet!

First, it’s important to know that there are many different ways you can hear about and get into HughesNet.  You will see ads on TV all of the time, and they could be from HughesNet themselves or they could also be from a number of different National Sales Groups that sell HughesNet, or maybe even from your local dealer, you just never know where they originate from or who you are calling to order from!  THIS alone is a huge problem because there is very little accountability when you order from HughesNet Direct or from a National Sales Group or some regional sales-only dealer!  We live in a day and age where very few salespeople are ever held accountable for spreading misinformation!  Most salespeople are after numbers, their managers are after numbers, and chances are, once you agree to get the service the person who convinced you to get it will ever hear from you again, so there is very little accountability when you order from HughesNet Direct or a National Sales Group or other Sales-only company!  Don’t get me wrong, there are some good ones out there, but you are far better off to look in your phone book or search online for a LOCAL HUGHESNET DEALER in YOUR AREA and order DIRECTLY from them!  Why? Because they are less likely to mislead you, they will care much more about whether you are happy or not with your service much more than some random salesperson in New York trying to hit 20 sales a day who will never have to talk to you or hear from you again and who you will have no way of contacting in the future and no way of holding him or her accountable for the information they gave you to get you to sign up to service.  Side note, if you’re going to search online for a local dealer, don’t use Google to do it or you’ll get nothing but paid advertising!  Use a search engine like or something instead if you want real results!

First, a good salesperson should be VERY concerned with what YOU want or need to do online!  HughesNet is not cable internet, DSL or 3G/4G Internet access, it is satellite-based internet access that is designed and intended for areas where OTHER solutions such as cable internet, good DSL and other solutions are not even available and here are a few reasons why:

Latency:  If you live in town and can get good 20mbps or even 10mbps DSL, I would NEVER try to convince you that you are better offer with faster 25mbps x 3mbps from HughesNet.  Cable Internet and DSL are terrestrial solutions which means low latency, (less delay), which means they work fine for online gaming, VPN (Virtual Private Networking), VoIP (Voice over Internet) and other internet applications that HughesNet, Viasat, and other satellite-based systems and services will not support or will struggle to support because of the distance and delay in communicating between your satellite dish and the satellite and back to Earth again!  Cable and DSL typically has a 12 – 76ms (milliseconds) latency, while HughesNet can be 600 – 1200ms latency.  That’s the time it takes for a simple keystroke to get to the internet.  Thus the reason connecting a PS4 or Xbox to HughesNet is not a great idea if you’re playing any timing-sensitive games and the reason I would suggest HughesNet for online gaming other than playing Words with Friends or some Facebook games that aren’t time-sensitive!  Thus the reason I would never recommend HughesNet to anyone who wants or needs a solution that will support online gaming, VPN and so on! Sure, some VPN applications work over HughesNet, but they’re usually really slow because of the latency issues that are inherent with satellite internet solutions!

Unlimited Data: Most cable internet solutions and DSL solutions and even some 3G/4G cellular solutions offer “unlimited data!”  But some of those companies still throttle you if you use up so much data!  HughesNet loves marketing their new Gen5 system as offering UNLIMITED DATA, but you can do a lot more at 25mbps speeds than you can at 2mbps speeds! Now, if you told me you can only get 2mbps – 10mbps speeds over DSL and it hasn’t been very reliable for you, I might recommend HughesNet IF and ONLY if you aren’t someone who expects to be able to Netflix all month long over satellite.   One Netflix movie is 3gig – 6gig in size, so needless to say, if you’re only on a 10gig, 20gig or even 35gig HughesNet plan, that’s not many movies a month before you go over your base data and are slowed down to 1.5mbps – 2mpbs speeds and you can only stream Netflix at those speeds if no one else and no other devices are using the internet at the same time!  Now, if you want to purchase a larger data plan which some people choose to do… you can watch all the Netflix you want, or if you don’t mind slow internet and only have one or two people / devices using the system, you might be able to Netflix at slower speeds even after you go over your data, but I would NEVER encourage you to even attempt that and I would certainly never insist that it will even work!  Remember I mentioned overselling?  HughesNet will never tell you in a TV ad that a Netflix movie is 3gig – 6gig because they’re usually promoting a $49.99 or $59.99 plan which only gives you 10gig – 20gig of data per month!  Sure, they say it’s unlimited data, but they throttle you if you go over your base monthly data and Netflix will barely work on the slower speeds and if you have several people or devices using your internet, forget about it!  Thus the reason I would hesitate to sell HughesNet to anyone who wants to be able to watch Netflix all month long or to someone who can access other internet access solutions that offer unlimited data!

Concurrent users/devices:  Speaking of several people using your system at once or connecting several devices!  Did you know that if you told a salesperson that you have 10 people or even 10 devices in your home that you want to connect to HughesNet that they aren’t even supposed to offer you HughesNet?  Yet, MANY homes have over 10 internet devices in their homes!  My wife and I have 2 smartphones, 2 tablets, 2 desktop computers, and a laptop.  We also have Vivint Home Security, 3 Amazon Alexa devices and 3 Fire TV boxes.  We would NEVER even qualify to have HughesNet if we planned on allowing all of those devices to connect to our HughesNet Satellite Internet.  Why?  Because HughesNet is not made to support that type of use!  I wouldn’t even recommend HughesNet to a family of 6 because they’re going to use a ton of data and even 6 devices on the system are going to slow it down significantly!   We have iDirect Commercial systems and services that I would probably recommend to them instead if they had no way of managing their use and only allowing 5 or 6 people/devices online at the same time because HughesNet is not designed to support more than 10 concurrent users/devices and it starts slowing down significantly after 3 or 4 people/devices are connected.  In my experience, most National salespeople will not even ask you about the number of devices you plan on connecting and often they won’t even ask you about the number of people who will be using the service even though they are supposed to as part of the standard sales interview process and then too often you will here… “Oh it will be fine!” when it actually won’t be at all!

Support:  I would bet this is the #2 or #3 problem with HughesNet!  Who wants to call someone in India pretending to be named Joe in order to get support?  Wouldn’t you rather just call the guy down the road that sold you your system and maybe even installed your system?  Here’s how it works!  Normally when people order HughesNet from HughesNet or a National Sales Group from a TV add or from any regional or National sales team, once the sales and installation is complete, you need to contact HughesNet for support.  If you cannot be sitting in front of your computer while talking to them over the phone to test and diagnose the problem, they aren’t going to send anyone out to help you because they don’t know if it’s a computer issue, a HughesNet issue, or an installation issue!  So, if you don’t have the ability to call them from the site, you could be out of luck!  But if they decide you need a tech to visit you, they create a work order, assign it to a regional distributor who assigns it to a random company or dealer, who assigns it to a random installer or if you’re luck enough to have a local dealer/installer in your area, they will get the order and take care of you IF you ordered from them originally!  The problem with this is that this process can take several days and unless there is a tech in your area, it can take a week or so to get you back up and running!  So, if you order from a local dealer/installer, you have a much better chance of getting someone out to take care of you sooner than later, OR if you purchase our HughesNet Gen5 system and services on our VAR Business Internet platform, you can simply call us and we can troubleshoot it with you and possibly even tell you how to fix the issue yourself or get yourself back online without having to even wait for a tech to show up!  HughesNet certainly isn’t going to do that for you or even allow you to do that unless it’s something simple like rebooting your modem or checking cables, etc.!

Installation:  Why would I put this after “Support”?  Remember I mentioned all of those people involved in the support process and getting you back online?  The same process happens when you order HughesNet from HughesNet or from a National Sales Group or whatever!  One salesperson sells you on the system and then you are assigned a random installer who is traveling around trying to knock out 2, 3, or 4 installations in one day because that’s how they make their money!  Now there are some great installers out there for sure, but because of the way it is set up, most of them are in a hurry to get from A to B to C and because of that, even though HughesNet has some very good “quality of installation” procedures in place, many times customers are left with a half-ass installation.  Instead of spending some time and peaking your antenna to 121 signal, your installer might see a 115 and know it will connect and call it good!  Maybe that lag bolt doesn’t get tightened down all the way or that pole mount wasn’t completely set up in the concrete, maybe there’s a tree that could be a problem when the wind blows or in the line-of-site a year or two down the road?  If your dish isn’t peaked properly or secured properly or has line-of-site issues at all, the first time you get a moderate rainfall or snowfall or even heavy cloud cover, your system might go offline or slow down dramatically, when other, better quality installations will remain online!  Our installations usually take us 3 – 5 hours each because we want to ensure that your system is going to provide you the best, most reliable service it is capable of!  A good, local dealer will want to make sure that you receive the best service possible, because the last thing he wants is you out there bashing the service or his company!  A National salesperson will never even hear about any issues you might be having and even if they were to, they have no way to control your quality of installation!  Again, another reason to order from a local dealer/installation provider, course that’s not always an option!  The HughesNet Gen5 systems and services we offer can be self-installed and moved around, but we can work with you to make sure you have the best signal possible so that your installation is trouble-free and so you can access the fastest speeds and the best service available!

Data Consumption:  There are a ton of complaints online from HughesNet customers about using up all of their data and going through so much data!  They tend to blame the system itself or HughesNet for using up all of their data, when in reality, the HughesNet modem itself only uses about 42kb of data per day just logging data for quality of service purposes, making sure everything is fine and so on! The ONLY way you can use up your data is by having a device or devices connected to the modem that is actually sending and receiving data, and that can be happening in the background even when you aren’t using your device!  Now, if your HughesNet dish is not pointed correctly and if it is experiencing errors in sending and receiving data, then it has to send and receive some of the same packets of data over and over again to make sure the data is correct, so in THAT case or if you have a bad connector or piece of cable or something, then in THAT case, you will use up more data than you would if your system is peaked and pointed correctly and everything is working as it should!  However, even in that case, it’s not going to use up that much more data!  Now here’s something most people do not know…  some of our customers will tell us that they had a 3G/4G plan and only used up 5gig of data per month, but now they are going through 10gig – 15gig per month over HughesNet!  Yes, that’s probably true because MANY devices and apps will not use the same about of data over a cellular connection as they use over a WiFi connection.   Many devices will not allow software updates unless they recognize a WiFi connection, and many file-sharing programs like Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox and so on do not sync until they are connected to WiFi instead of 3G/4G so typically your smartphone, tablet or other devices are going to use up much more data on a HughesNet WiFi connection than they would over 3G/4G!   Again, we would never sell someone on a HughesNet system if we thought they have too many people or devices for the system to handle or we thought they were going to use a ton of data that they aren’t willing to pay for.  Unfortunately, many National salespersons aren’t going to be concerned about that either since they’ll never hear from you again!  Also, the built-in WiFi on your HughesNet modem is password protected and it’s your job to manage your data and make sure who’s using your system and who’s not!  If you don’t protect your password or if you allow several people or devices access to your system, you’re going to use up more data for sure!  iPads and iPhones are the worst!  I recommend going in and disabling all of the background apps that you don’t need to use while you are connected to your HughesNet WiFi unless you’re willing to buy a bigger data plan to support that data consumption!  Either way, it’s not HughesNet using up your data, it’s you and your devices or someone else who has your password!

Monthly Service Plans:  Some people can get by on 10gig per month of data, others can not and will not!  It depends on what you need/want to do online and how many users and devices will be connected to the system!  If you only need 10gig – 20gig of data per month, then the HughesNet Consumer platform might be your best option to save you some $$ but you will want to keep in mind the other issues I’ve mentioned relating to HughesNet Consumer before you place the order!  We have no reason to upsell you a plan that you will not use but you might want to know that many National sales teams make more commission if they sell you a bigger plan!  On our VAR Business Internet platform, you can upgrade or downgrade your plan as needed and you can also purchase additional full-speed anytime data whenever you wish!  And we don’t just offer 3 or 4 different monthly service plans like HughesNet Consumer or HughesNet Business Internet… our VAR Business Internet platform offers 35gig – 550gig monthly service plans from $90 – $1100 per month for you to choose from!  Additional data is currently $3 per gig (at the time of this post) which is typically less expensive than 3G/4G/LTE data which is normally around $5 per gig!

HughesNet Maintenance and Downtime:  HughesNet usually notifies us when they are going to have planned maintenance or downtime.  We have a mailing list that our customers can join that will inform you of these planned outages so you can plan accordingly!  It is on very rare occasions that the system will just go down at random!  I think in our area last year, there was a total of 16 hours of downtime for customers in our beam over Kalispell, MT and that was mostly during some beam issues that took a day or so to resolve, which brings us me to my next point.  If you are in need of an internet access solution that offers 100% uptime and 24/7 support, then I would never encourage you to settle for HughesNet or for just one HughesNet system anyway!  We have a few home-office people that use our $3000 iDirect Satellite Internet System and a $300 – $600 per month internet access plan alongside of a HughesNet Gen5 System on our VAR Business Internet platform just so they have a backup solution in place and are far less likely to never be without Internet access!  So please do not assume for a second that you can get 100% uptime and 24/7 support for $50 – $60 per month with HughesNet.  Companies like iDirect (which we also offer) offer a much higher uptime as well as some redundancy options but they are not cheap by any means!  You get what you pay for!

Unhappy customers:   As I mentioned above, I can read complaints about HughesNet all day long, but I can almost always tell immediately why they are unhappy or experiencing issues!  Sometimes it’s simply because they didn’t take the time to read the fine print before signing up!  It’s all in the contract, but if you don’t take time to read it or if you get a salesperson who doesn’t inform you correctly, you will not be a very happy customer!  As of the date of this post, we currently have over 700 happy customers on HughesNet Gen5 in Northwestern Montana alone, from the Yaak to Polebridge, to White Sulpher Springs and we have many other happy customers in other areas throughout the U.S. including the oil rigs in North Dakota, Texas and New Mexico and residences and businesses in the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. Our systems and services came in very handy to get people back online after the hurricanes hit those areas!  Our customers were able to take their satellite dish down before the storm and put it back up and get right back online after the storm!  New customers were able to order a system from us, have it shipped to them within 15 days or so and get themselves installed and online within days of that, while others, even existing HughesNet Consumer customers in those areas were stuck waiting 3 – 6 months to get back online and many are still waiting to get back online as of the date of this post!  Why do we have happy customers?  Because we offer a “no-bull” approach to sales and a high-quality installation or installation support anyway.  We do not over-sell our customers and we make sure to go over the ups and downs and ins and outs of our systems and services so there are no surprises later!  We actually turn-down customers if and when we do not feel that they will be happy with our system or service because there’s nothing worse than having an unhappy customer out there cutting down your product or service.  Is HughesNet right for you?  Maybe not!  Or maybe satellite Internet from HughesNet or Viasat is the only solution you can get anyway, so maybe you’re just going to have to sacrifice some speeds and capabilities and learn to manage your data accordingly!

Well, that about covers it and it’s for all of the reasons mentioned above that we have chosen to offer our own HughesNet Gen 5 VAR Business Internet Platform that we sell, service and support in-house!  We can take much better care of our customers and we usually know them by name if and when we ever hear from them!  We care about our reputation and we only want happy customers!  We will probably try to talk you out of our system before we try to talk you into it because we have no reason at all to sell this system to people who we feel aren’t going to be happy with it!  We aren’t after a million customers on our platform, we’re after a few thousand so that we can take care of each customer quickly and easily!  I’ve mentioned it before, but HughesNet Consumer and Business Internet platforms do not allow their customers to touch their own system.  You can’t re-peak the antenna, you can’t replace a part, you can’t take it down before a storm or wildfire or hurricane and put it back up and get yourself back online after it passes, you can’t move it around or anything without a certified technician!  With our system, you can do all of that!  If a part fails, we ship you a new one and you can replace it if you wish, or find a local handyman to do it for you!  We will gladly work with anyone to help you get your system back online quickly and easily if and when you have issues!  Or, if you are in one of our local service areas, then we are happy to assist you with installation and service calls when needed!

Short answers to the common complaints we see online:

Q: I’m already out of data after only watching 4 Netflix movies!
A: Yes, that’s because the average Netflix movie is 3gig – 6gig in size depending on the device/resolution you are watching it at, so if you only have a 10gig or 20gig data plan, that’s 3 – 4 movies at the most!
A: You should purchase a larger data plan, purchase more data or reconsider watching Netflix!
A: When you go over your base (full-speed) data, you are only slowed down to 1.5mbps – 2mbps speeds which should be enough to surf, email and watch Netflix UNLESS you have several users or devices connected to your system!

Q: I’m barely getting 12mbps and it’s horribly slow!
A:  Either you have too many people/devices connected to your system or something is wrong with your system!  (pointing and peaking typically)
A: 12mbps isn’t slow at all, many people only have 2mbps internet access, some are lucky to get 10mbps.

Q: I can’t play my games online with my PS4 or Xbox?
A:  Your salesperson should have made it clear to you that some online gaming does not work well, if at all over HughesNet due to the latency issues!

Q:  My HughesNet Voice Service sucks!
A:  We’ve been selling HughesNet Gen5 service since April of 2017 and I have yet to recommend HughesNet Voice Service to anyone because I’ve used it and experienced it and although some of our customer who have insisted on it are happy with it for calling family and friends, most of them are not happy with it at all, so I would never recommend it for an emergency situation or for handling business calls!  Once again, this is on your salesperson for not being knowledgeable of the service or for not informing you of the issues with it!

Q: I’ve been waiting 2 weeks for a tech to show up!
A: I always recommend ordering from a local dealer/installer when and where possible, but that’s not always an option because there are far more people selling HughesNet than there are installing it, so certified installers and technicians are few and far between!  We are honest and upfront about our scheduling, but can usually do our local installs within 2 – 4 days of your order!  One of the reasons our HughesNet Gen5 VAR Business Internet Systems and Services are becoming so popular is because our customers can usually fix their own issues and get themselves back online quickly and easily without the need to wait for a certified tech to show up and get them back online and also saving them $$ on a service call!

Q: I’m using twice the data over HughesNet that I ever used on 3G/4G/LTE!
A:  That’s because most smartphones, tablets and other devices run additional apps and updates and so on when they detect that they are connected to a WiFi connection than they run over a 3G/4G/LTE network!  For example, Facebook will typically auto-play videos when your smartphone is connected to WiFi, but it usually doesn’t when it’s connected to mobile data!

Q: This service sucks and now I’m tied to a 2-year contract or have to pay a $400 early termination fee!
A:  The contract and termination fee are all in the contract that you agreed to, but you also have/had 30-days to try out this system and service on the HughesNet Consumer and Business Internet Platforms!  If you are/were not happy with it you can/could have returned the system and get/gotten out from under the contract if you cancel/cancelled within 30-days of the installation.  So, there should be no excuses for you being stuck in a contract if you were not happy with the service!
A:  Better yet… we do not want unhappy customers on our HughesNet VAR Business Internet Platform either, so you can return your system to us within 30 days for a refund if you are not happy with it!  We also have the ability on our VAR platform, to simply pass your account onto the next new customer so we rarely have to hold people to the $400 cancellation fee even if they have their system over 30 days and we will even help you resell your system to someone else if you are not happy with it or if it doesn’t fit your needs!

Feel free to contact us at (888) 608-2299 if you have any questions or check out for more information on this awesome new technology that we’re offering!

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VAR Advantages – Unique installations

One advantage to our the VAR Business Internet platform that uses the HughesNet Gen5 Jupiter Satellite Internet Systems and Services on our VAR Business Internet Platform, is that we have more flexibility and options for installation than the standard HughesNet Consumer or Business Internet platforms allow!  Many of our customers tried to get HughesNet Consumer equipment and services, but since an installation could not be performed to the tight specifications of the standard HughesNet platforms, the installer was forced to label it “site not feasible” and move on to the next installation!

Don’t get me wrong… as a certified HughesNet installer, I understand why they do not want to take any chances and support any installations that do not fit into their guidelines because they do not want their customers to experience any problems with their service, and they do not want to have to support any installations that do not fit within their installation guidelines!  After all, it’s hard to justify paying to send an installer back out to a home to move a dish because a tree entered the line-of-site or because the mount didn’t hold up!

We quickly realized that HughesNet or Viasat was the only option for many people here in Montana and in other areas to ever have Internet access at their rural home or business!  The other issue is that there are not any certified installers for HughesNet or Viasat in many areas of the U.S., so many customers can be waiting weeks or months for installation and then weeks and months again for a tech to return if and when they have any issues!  Our VAR platform solves all of this and more!

First the disclaimer… the following examples are unique installations and they are not part of anything that we would ever promote or recommend as a good or reliable installation option!

We have a customer that travels around the Northwestern, United States in a small car playing an online game called “Ingress!”  Yes, that’s right!  He travels to different locations to capture or attack virual portals that are often located in remote areas!  And since he needs internet access in order to log in and capture or attack a virtual portal in a remote area, our HughesNet Gen5 Jupiter Satellite Internet System on our VAR Business Internet Platform was the most affordable solution for him compared to other players who use satellite phone networks or BGAN systems and services that are very expensive to use at like $4 – $7 per mb.!   He travels around in a small Honda Civic sometimes, so needless to say he doesn’t have a lot of room to haul a big mount with him!  In fact, I’m surprised he had room to haul the antenna!

When he showed up at our office in Kalispell, MT, he whipped that iron wheel and his leveling blocks out of his trunk, pulled the antenna out of the back-seat, whipped out his phone to get his lat and long, pulled out his magnetic compass to find the azimuth, set the elevation on the antenna and had the system pointed and online in 15 minutes or less!  When I tested the antenna for stability, it was as solid as one of our flat non-pen mounts as that old wheel he used was heavier than it looks and therefore we had no issues with this setup!

HughesNet would never allow this type of mount or portability for that matter simply because the last thing they want is people contacting them because they can’t find a satellite or because their antenna moved and the system is offline!  But, since this customer is responsible for his own installation and service, if he’s offline, he knows how to fix it himself!

Here’s another example of a trimast roof mount installation we performed for a customer last week at a home in the mountains of Montana that would have never met the HughesNet Consumer or HughesNet Business Internet installation requirements or standard required on those platforms!  He contacted us for a solution and we were able to find a decent line of site and mount the system on his roof just above his DirecTV dish.  Now, obviously, this isn’t a standard installation for a few reasons.  First, because we wouldn’t normally mount our system that close to a DirecTV or DISH Network and normally.  Second, there was a much narrower line-of-site between the trees than normally allowed by HughesNet, and third, we would normally not be allowed to mount on that steep of a roof pitch because this isn’t the proper way to use a trimast wall or roof mount, so HughesNet would have never approved this installation since they would have had to stand behind the installation and warranty and support it!  But, the advantage in this situation and with our VAR platform is that WE can make that choice since WE are the ones who have to stand behind it and support it!  Obviously, we made the customer aware that this installation would not be within HughesNet specifications and we made sure that he understood that additional work may be needed in the future to maintain a clear line of site and also that he would have to figure out a way to sweep the snow off of the antenna if he loses service!  We spent a lot of time on this installation, making sure the trimast mount was bolted into the rafters under the shingles and we added additional screws to secure the support arms and so on.  We also sealed the holes with asphalt sealant to prevent leaks!  Normally, we prefer to install this system on a ground pole mount, or on a trimast wall mount as installing these systems on the roof in areas that can get 5 – 7 feet of snow in the winter is not the best idea in the World, but in this case, it was the only way this customer could have gotten internet access at his home!  We could have also used one of our ridge-roof mounts over the peak of the roof, however we wanted to make it a bit easier for the customer to reach the antenna with a long pole (like an extendable pruning saw something) to knock the snow off and easier for us to get to to repeak the dish if and when needed as well!

So, if your site has been labeled “site not feasible” by a certified HughesNet installer, you will probably want to contact us to go over your needs as we might be able to provide you with a solution that the standard HughesNet Consumer or HughesNet Business Internet Platform was unable to provide for you!

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