Corona Virus & HughesNet

The following information is intended for HughesNet Consumer platform customers!
If you are a customer of Montana Satellite / ISPSAT, simply contact us for help and information!

Although we are not HughesNet and we are just a Hughes dealer in Montana, we are currently getting over 100 chat requests and calls every day from HughesNet Consumer customers complaining about slow speeds and buffering over their HughesNet system!  We put this page together to save some time and explain things and offer some troubleshooting tips for you!

First, with stay-at-home orders in place, more people are online and doing more online!  This is causing over-crowding and network congestion on the Hughes network which is causing everyone to be slowed down!  It’s going to be much worse in some beams than it is in others as there will be more customers in some beams than in others!

Next, a lot of people are bored or trying to work from home or do home-schooling, so many people are trying to stream Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Apple TV and more over their HughesNet system!  Steaming video is something I never have recommended doing over ANY satellite Internet platform simple because, depending on the monthly service plan you have, all it takes is 3 – 5 Netflix movies PER MONTH to blow through all of your included full-speed data on your HughesNet Consumer plans and be throttled down to 2Mbps speeds.  2Mbps speeds might still work for streaming sometimes,  but not when the beams are completely full and over-loaded or when you have 3 – 5+ devices or people connected to and using your HughesNet Internet access!  It’s unfortunate that Hughes felt the need to use “streaming video” and “unlimited data” as a marketing tactic, but they did, and this is a direct consequence of them doing so!  We (Montana Satellite) never use “streaming video” or “unlimited data” to sell HughesNet systems and for that reason, our customers aren’t experiencing as many issues or complaining nearly as much about slow speeds or connectivity issues as are many customers on the HughesNet Consumer platform right now!

What can you do?


Go to your HughesNet Modem Home Page at

This is a webpage built into your modem, so even if you can’t access the Internet or even if your satellite dish was stolen last night, you should still be able to access that page as long as you are connected to your HughesNet modem via a wired or wireless connection!

Check your Status!

On this home page at  you will see a green, yellow, orange or red status button at the top center of that page!   If it’s green then chances are your issues are related to the over-crowding of the beams in your area and there’s probably nothing you can do about it until Hughes comes up with a fix, or until the stay-at-home orders go away and the number of customers using the system is restored to normal levels!  If it’s any other color than green, that COULD indicate another issue going on!

HughesNet Data Circles - Consumer

Check your data circles!

You will notice large circles of data on this page that show you’re remaining full-speed data for 2 different time-frames!  Below each circle is the remaining time, renewal date and more information!  This will tell you if you are out of full-speed data and have been slowed down or not!  If you are out of full-speed data, you will want to either visit and purchase data tokens to restore your speeds, upgrade your monthly service plan to include more full-speed data, or you will simply have to wait until your data cycle renews at the monthly renewal date which is mentioned below the data circles on this page!

HughesNet Gen5 Data Circles


Go to the System Status Page!

Back at the top of the page at  , click on the green, yellow, orange or red status button or on the text next to it!  This will bring up a status page that will show you any errors being detected with your system!  If you see any X’s under gateway or web acceleration, this usually indicates that your beam is having issues and is probably over-crowded which means everyone in that beam is probably suffering from slow speeds right now!

HughesNet Gen5 Modem sample Status Page

Check your Signal!

Back at the top of the page at  , click on the green, yellow, orange or red status button or on the text next to it which will take you to the System Status page.  If you scroll down on the System Status page, in the bottom left of that main page, it should show you your signal strength!  If it is showing 15 or 29 or anything below say 80 – 130, you will want to check your coax cable on the back of your HughesNet modem and follow it out to your satellite dish while checking for damage!  If you do not see any damage in the cable, chances are your satellite dish has moved in the wind or something else has happened or failed!  This is very solid equipment, so chances are your antenna just needs re-peaked, and unfortunately, customers on the HughesNet Consumer platform are not allowed to do that themselves and really have no way of doing that themselves, so you will need to contact HughesNet at (866) 347-3292 or (866) 347- 3272 or visit for assistance! to see if they will send someone out to get you back online!

HughesNet Gen5 Modem - Sample page showing Satellite Signal Strength

If and when all else fails, remember that you can switch to our ISPSAT VAR Business Internet platform so that you can take care of your own equipment and service from now on!

Details, features, benefits, and drawbacks to that process are available here!

We hope that helps!