Coverage Areas

Our HughesNet HT2000W Satellite Systems on our VAR Business Internet Platform can receive service from either the Gen5 Jupiter 2 Satellite, Echostar 19 @ 97.1 West or from the Gen4 Jupiter 1 satellite, Echostar 17 @ 107.1 West! E19 is the primary satellite for most areas, however E17 is used in areas where E19 does not cover, such as an area south of Portland, OR and down into Northwestern California, south of Miami, FL and over Wisconsin and a few other areas the E19 does not cover!  If you have any questions about the coverage areas a.k.a the satellite footprints, please contact us!

Continental U.S. and parts of Canada and Mexico:

(Note:  The holes you see south of Portland, OR, south of Miami, FL and over Wisconsin are covered by the Echostar 17 Satellite @ 107.1 West)

HughesNet Gen5 Coverage Areas - CONUS

Coverage areas for parts of Alaska and Northwestern Canada:

HughesNet Gen5 Satellite Internet System Coveragea areas in Alaska

Coverage Areas for Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands

(Areas outside of the green circle in the purple circle require a 3-watt transmitter and possibly a 1.2m antenna!)

HughesNet Gen5 Coverage areas -Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands