Hughes Voice (VoIP) Phone Service

HughesNet Voice (VoIP) Services

Update 1/20/20:  Voice services have gotten a bit better over our network, and we now have several customers using Hughes Voice services through us now with decent results, however, it’s still not something we recommend for anything other than calling family and friends from time to time!  We definitely do not recommend it for 911 or other emergency situations!  We do offer an iDirect VoIP service that properly supports VoIP and does offer much better, more reliable VoIP services that many of our customers use to run their home-office or other rural business, construction sites, etc.  Contact us for more information!

PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE CONSIDERING HUGHES VOICE SERVICES!  We offer HughesNet Voice (VoIP) Services over our ISPSAT/HughesNet Gen5 VAR Business Internet Platform, however, it’s important that you know that we cannot, do not and will not EVER guarantee the quality of service that you will receive with HughesNet Voice Service!  In our experience, some of the customers who have signed up for the Hughes Voice service are mostly happy with the service, however, some of our customers have not been happy at all with the Hughes Voice Service.  Some people say it’s fairly reliable, while others say there are times they can’t even place a call or the call is misdialed, dropped, or noisy!  It seems some people have better luck than others with this service, so, unfortunately, we cannot recommend this service for any emergency application or for business use!  We prefer happy customers, and because of that, we strongly recommend that, IF YOU CHOOSE to order the Innomedia ATA and Sign up for Hughes Voice Service,  that you choose the “no commitment” option until you make sure that you are satisfied with the service!  Unfortunately, we cannot accept returns on the Innomedia ATA’s once they have been installed and activated, so that is a risk that you will assume if and when you CHOOSE to order that device and the Hughes Voice service!

WiFi calling seems to have the same issues over this platform in that some days it might work well, while other days it might not work at all!  We hope that Hughes will eventually improve upon this service, but for now, we usually recommend Skype Voice or another online voice chat service over this network!  For those of you who require good, reliable VoIP services, we offer another system and service that fully supports that application and more… please contact us for details!

Hughes Voice Features

  • Optimized QoS performance over HughesNet Service
  • Usage does not consume monthly data allowance
  • Feature-Rich
  • Save up to 45% over traditional landline
  • Unlimited calling within US, Puerto Rico & Canada
  • Optional unlimited international calling
  • Local Number Porting available
  • Easy installation and activation
  • 2 Year Commitment

Hardware Required

1-port Innomedia ATA – 1506096-002  (Click here to order!)

Innomedia Model MTA8328 for HughesNet Gen5 VoIP Services


VoIP Service Pricing

Domestic Unlimited  (Includes US, Puerto Rico & Canada)

  • w/ 24 month commitment – $ 39.95 per month
  • No commitment – $ 49.95 per month

International Unlimited Calling

  • w/ 24 month commitment – $ 62.90 per month
  • No commitment – $ 72.90 per month


Ordering and Signup Process

(Only for ISPSAT or Montana Satellite Customers with HughesNet Gen5 Systems and Services on our VAR Business Internet Platform)

Purchase an Innomedia ATA here:

We have been shipping most of the ATA’s preprogrammed and ready to go, but if you receive an ATA that was not pre-programmed, you can follow the instructions below:

Once you receive the ATA, connect the ATA to the HughesNet Gen5 modem and power up the ATA

HughesNet Gen5 VoIP Wiring Diagram

Go online to register your SAN w/ HughesNet Voice Services

Enter your SAN (Site Account Number starts with HMSBI********)  
Enter the MAC Address of the ATA (found on the bottom or back of the ATA device)
Enter the ZIP code where the phone is located.
Read and Agree to legal terms and conditions.
The ATA will activate.
Hughes will assign a telephone number based on the zip code.
Porting an existing phone number over to this service is handled after activation and service is established.

Managing your HughesNet Voice Features

Once your Hughes Voice Service has been activated, you can visit to manage the features of your HughesNet Voice Service!

Features include:

  • Call Forwarding
  • Voicemail w/ notifications
  • Call Rejection Options
  • Simultaneous Ring
  • Calling Records


Setup your Voicemail

Call your own phone number and enter the default password which is 1234 or the last four digits of your phone number (one or the other)!

Hughes Voice Messaging Quick Setup Guide


Managing your Voicemail Messages

Hughes Voice Voicemail Access


Please contact us if you have any questions about Hughes Voice Services over our HughesNet Gen5 VAR Business Internet Platform!