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Internet Access Solutions for Wildland Firefighing teams

We have provided portable and mobile internet access solutions for Wildland Fire Fighting teams and other Emergency Response teams for many years!  We offer several different solutions that allow us to be a one-stop-shop for most of their rural communications needs!  From our cellular amps that boots signals to allow for 3G/4G/LTE phone and data services, to our satellite phones and portable and mobile-automatic satellite internet systems, we have what it takes to small companies and large agencies connected and online almost anywhere!  These are just a few of the many different solutions we offer for Wildland Fire Fighting Teams, companies and agencies as well as for search and rescue, disaster and emergency services organizations!

Cellular Amplifiers / Boosters

We are a commercial Wilson / WeBoost dealer offering a variety of cellular amplifiers/boosters for stationary and mobile applications!  Most of the command centers out there use one of our in-building cellular amplifiers with a mobile omnidirectional antenna in order to benefit from the stronger solutions that we offer to bring in good, reliable cellular services for voice and data operations!  These solutions start at around $600 – $800 while our more powerful, more flexible and more-capable commercial solutions are around $1000 – $2000!   Cellular amplifiers/boosters are a great solution if you are always within 40 – 50 miles of a cell tower and have a good line-of-site to that tower, however, if you are looking for something that will work anywhere, you might want to keep scrolling!  Contact us for more information and so we can help you find the best solution for your needs!


Satellite Phones

Satellite phones provide Global Voice/Data capabilities!  We offer Iridium and Inmarsat handheld satellite phones for sale and rent! Pre-paid and post-paid monthly service plans are available!  We also offer portable hotspots and stationary satellite phone systems with standard business quality phones that are perfect for mobile command centers and can also be installed in any home or business for that matter!  We also offer BGAN portable and mobile in-motion voice/data solutions! Data is slow and fairly expensive on these platforms, typically priced by the MB, so most people who are looking for a high-speed internet access solution who do not need in-motion capabilities prefer our cellular or satellite internet solutions instead!  There are many different equipment options and service solutions available, so please contact us to discuss your needs and nail down the best solution for your needs and application!


Satellite Internet

Portable HughesNet Gen 5 Satellite Internet Systems on one of our VAR Business Internet Platforms

Speeds:  25mbps x 3mbps
Coverage Area:  CONUS and parts of Alaska, USVI, Puerto Rico, as well as some northern parts of Mexico!
Equipment: $699.99 + $150 for the basic equipment or $899.99 + $200 shipping for a complete portable solution!
Monthly Service:  Plans start at $89.99 per month for 35gig of monthly full-speed data!
Data Caps / Overage:  *Unlimited  (throttled down to around 2mbps speeds until the end of the monthly cycle or until additional data is purchased!)
Contract: A 2-year contract is required, however, you can suspend your service for $20 per month when you are not using it!


Our portable HughesNet Gen5 Systems and Services are great for normal internet access and even an occasional Netflix or YouTube video!  It is nice and fast, allowing you to pull up most websites in just a few seconds!  The built-in WiFi saves space and power and this is an awesome solution for your very own, secure internet access solution that will work from almost any location in the CONUS!  These systems and services offer UNLIMITED DATA, meaning if you go over your plans base full-speed data, you are simply slowed to around 2mbps speed until your monthly anniversary date or you can choose to purchase additional data that never expires to get you back up to speed!  RV’ers love this system, but it is also very popular in the oil, gas, mining, construction industries as well as with many different emergency response teams!  Many people are installing these systems at their homes and businesses just so they can self-install and maintain them on their own without having to wait around for a tech!  We have many different service plans available for you to choose from and you can always choose to purchase additional full-speed data if and when necessary!


  • This system has built-in dual-band A/C wireless and is great for providing internet access for up to 10 concurrent users/devices at a time!
  • This system can be self-installed, self-maintained and moved around as needed without the need to contact anyone before or after doing so!
  • This system is the fastest, most affordable portable satellite internet solution on the market today!


  • Manual setup and pointing required!  It takes approximately 20 minutes to get this system set up, pointed and online!
  • VoIP Services & WiFi Calling and VPN applications may struggle or not work at all from time to time on this system, so we do not recommend counting on it for those applications!

iDirect Mobile Satellite Internet Solutions

Speeds:  64k up to 20mbps x 5mbps  (various plans and service providers available)
Coverage Area:  CONUS and parts of Alaska, USVI, Puerto Rico, as well as some northern parts of Mexico!
Equipment:  .84m 6-watt systems from $6999.95, 1.2m 6-watt systems from $10,000+
Monthly Service:   We have iDirect service plans starting at $99 per month, but our 5mb x 1mb  15:1 contention plans w/ unlimited data start at $160+ per day!
Data Caps / Overage:  *Unlimited Data (however streaming and other apps may be blocked w/ different service providers)
Contract:  1-year contracts are normally required, however, we have many different options and solutions for Emergency Responders to get around that requirement!


iDirect is one of the oldest satellite internet platforms out there!  They provide rock-solid service and support and service plans that will properly support bandwidth-intense applications such as VoIP, WiFi calling, several concurrent users and devices and more!  iDirect typically requires a mobile-automatic solution and we have equipment packages starting at $6995.00 + shipping that will support iDirect services!  Our larger .98m and 1.2m equipment packages ($10,000+), offer you the capability of choosing from several different service providers and service plans as well as offering broader coverage areas!


  • Service plans available that properly support VoIP, WiFi Calling, VPN and other bandwidth-intense and latency sensitive applications
  • No manual setup or pointing!  Our mobile-automatic solutions go up and lock onto the satellite within 5 – 7 minutes at the touch of a button!
  • Many different service providers and service plans are available (minimum antenna size requirements will apply)
  • Flexible service plans and options allow for full-time, seasonal and on-demand use!
  • Plans are available over the iDirect platform that will support hundreds of concurrent users if and when necessary!


  • Equipment can range from $7000 – $50,000 depending on antenna size and equipment configuration for special needs or applications!
  • Monthly service plans are more expensive since there are fewer users on each network in order to support applications such as VoIP, VPN and more!

Contact us anytime for more information on these and other solutions!  Even if we don’t have the best solution for your needs, we’ll point you in the right direction!