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How to assemble the NPR4 Flat Non-pen mount!

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The NPR4 flat non-penetrating roof mount is currently the default flat non-pen mount that we are shipping and recommending for use with our HughesNet Gen5 Satellite Internet Systems for our VAR Business Internet Platforms for some of our stationary and portable customers!

The NPR4 can be placed on a flat surface, such as the ground, a flat roof, patio, etc. and you can simply place some ballast (weight) on it using anything from concrete blocks, sandbags, buckets of water or a few rocks or logs to keep it from moving in the wind!  There is usually no reason to bolt the mount to the flat surface as the weight (ballast) will hold it in place typically!

IF you are in a high-wind area or get a lot of wind gusts, etc. we encourage you to look into one of our heavier duty mounts such as these Baird Non-pen mounts that are designed to withstand higher winds without flexing as much as the NRP4.

We also offer several different types of mounts for a variety of applications here, and for fixed installations, you may choose to do a ground pole mount instead, so feel free to contact us if this mount might not be the best solution for you!


NPR4 Flat non-pen roof mount


NPR4 Flat non-pen mount dimensions and contents diagram


NPR4 Flat non-pen mount pieces


Examples of this mount in use:

HughesNet Gen5 Jupiter Satellite Internet System on a portable flat non-pen mount!    Portable Satellite Internet System for RVers

If you have any questions about this mount or any of the other mounts we offer, please contact us!