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How to find your latitude and longitude!

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Your HughesNet HT2000W modem will require accurate latitude and longitude to be entered into the modem during the setup process!  Your latitude and longitude must be gathered from within 35 feet of the antenna location for proper operation!  Here are the methods we recommend in order to find your accurate latitude and longitude:

Note:  The HughesNet modem will require the latitude and longitude to be entered in DMM format  ( Example:   Latitude: 39° 49.700783 N   Longitude: 98° 34.770412  W )

  1. GPS:  A handheld GPS unit will give you the most accurate latitude and longitude from your antenna location and hopefully even in the correct DMM format!
  2. Smartphone Apps:  You can find and use a GPS app with your smartphone or tablet to find your latitude and longitude from the antenna location, however you may want to test it first to see how accurate it is as some of them are faily accurate and others are not!  You do not need cell coverage or internet access to use most of the apps we have tested!  You will want to find an app that you can set to display the location in the DMM format in order to save you time and trouble converting!  We use an app called “GPS Status” for Andriod but if you have and iPhone, you’ll have to see what you can find on your own and let us know so we can update this article!
  3. is a great website to search for your location and view the latitude and longitude in the correct DMM format!  We also use this site for latitude and longitude conversions as well!  The problem with using this method obviously is that you need internet access in order to pull up this site to begin with!  We have had several people report that Google Maps and Google Earth are not as accurate as this site, thus the reason we are mentioning this site!

If you know of another way, please let us know so we can include it here and feel free to contact us if you have any comments or suggestions!