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How to reset a HughesNet HT2000W modem to factory settings!

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This information is for customers of Montana Satellite / ISPSAT who are on our HughesNet Gen5 VAR Business Internet Platform ONLY!
Please only follow this procedure after being recommended to do so by a rep of Montana Satellite / ISPSAT!

Update 2/1/19:  This process has changed!  It is now recommended that you take the following steps for resetting your modem:

  1. Go into the installation menu and zero out your latitude and longitude and press submit, then power cycle the modem.
  2. Log back into the modem installation menu to make sure your latitude and longitude show 0.  If not, do it again and power cycle the modem.
  3. Go to the installation / advanced menu and select SBC file and select the FALLBACK option to install the FALLBACK SBC file and power cycle the modem again!
  4. Once the modem boots back up and you can log into it again, proceed to the steps below!

Reset your HT2000W modem to factory settings by holding down the WPS button on the front of the modem while holding down the reset button on the back of the modem together for approximately 10 seconds!  You will need a paperclip or something small to hold down the reset button on the back of the modem!

HughesNet Gen5 HT2000W WPS Button Location  HughesNet Gen5 HT2000W Reset Button Location

You will need to re-install the latest SBC file and re-install the modem by going to the Installation menu and entering your latitude and longitude, selecting your satellite and submitting that information and proceeding through the installation process!

If this does not resolve your issues, please contact us for more information or visit our post regarding your repair/replacement options here!