How to update your HughesNet HT2000W SBC File!

Visit to download the SBC file that is specifically for your HughesNet system!  Unzip the file and save it somewhere on a computer you will be using to connect to the HughesNet system!

You can download these instructions here as well!

How to update the SBC file in HughesNet HT2000W Systems:

  1. Once the modem is connected to your computer via a wired or wireless connection and powered up, open your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.) and enter in the address bar and click enter!  Do not enter it into a SEARCH box or it WILL NOT work, you MUST enter that address in the address bar of your browser window.
  2. At the top of the page to the right of the Language Selection Drop-down box, click on the somewhat hidden “i” icon to the right of the Language selection box on top of that page to get to the “Advanced” page in the modem.
  3. Next, in the left column menu, select “Installation” and then “Advanced” and then “Upload SBC Config”
  4. Browse to where you saved the extracted files from the downloaded SBC file and select the .bin file and continue!
  5. You should get a confirmation box that pops up and confirms a successful installation! If you get green check marks, you should be good to go!
  6. You can now go back to the System Status page at


Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!