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Why should I choose this system and service?

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Why should you choose to purchase the HughesNet Gen5 Satellite Internet Systems on our VAR Business Internet Platform?

Our systems and services are unlike any others offered by HughesNet on their Consumer of Business Internet Platforms and offer many options, features and advantages that are not available with any other system and service on the market!


Control of your own equipment!

HughesNet does not allow it’s customers to self-install, move-around or maintain their own systems on the standard HughesNet Consumer or Business Internet platforms!  We offer a specially designed “mobile-enabled” system and service, and we allow our customers to self-install, move-around and maintain their own equipment saving them down-time and money!  Imagine having to wait several days, weeks or even months for a certified installer to show up and get you back online after a storm passes through your area?  That doesn’t happen with us as our customers are usually able to re-peak their antenna or replace whatever needs replaced and get themselves back online quickly an easily!   RV’ers and many others love being able to pick up their system and take it with them where ever they may go!  No more slow internet at RV Parks for them!  Our customers in the oil, gas, mining, construction and other industries rely on the portability of these systems as well!  Imagine any of them having to wait around for an installer to relocate their system for them!  Some of our customers in remote communities were waiting around for months for a certified installer to come out and install their system!  They finally got tired of waiting, found us, and we were able to ship them the equipment and lead them through the setup process to get them online within a week or so!  We also provide this equipment and services to many search and rescue organizations, wildland firefighting teams and other emergency services where rapid deployment and portable use are a necessity!   And believe it or not, we’re slowly convincing other larger companies and government agencies that seem to have no problem spending everyone else’s money, that they really don’t need to spend $25,000 – $50,000 for a fancy mobile automatic solution for satellite internet access where-ever they go when we offer a nice portable solution for less than $1200.00!


More Installation Options

HughesNet has strict and standard installation guidelines that often make a site “not feasible” for installation do to specific needs or conditions at that site!  For example, in some areas trees are often a factor and many people who have ordered HughesNet Consumer or other solutions were not able to have their system installed, however, we were able to find a clear line-of-site and get them up and running and still provide them with years of trouble-free services!  The HughesNet Consumer platform also only allows for 3 mount types (trimast wall mount, trimast roof mount, or a ground pole mount).  What if you want a temporary installation on a deck or patio or what if you want to install your satellite dish on a 10 foot tall pole mount so you don’t have to worry about animals hitting it or shoveling it out of the snow all of the time! We offer a variety of custom mounts and mounting options, including temporary mounting options, and we are not as picky about how or where the system is installed as long as it can maintain a good solid signal and pass all of the required tests!


More Monthly Service Plans / Data Plans

For those who need it, we offer monthly service plans that offer up to 550gig of monthly data for uploads and downloads!  Those plans are not available on the HughesNet Consumer or Business Internet Platform and are only available on our VAR Business Internet Platform!


Seasonal and Month-to-month Service options

Most satellite internet systems and service require a 2-year contract to service and will let you suspend your service for up to 6-months per year after you have had the service for 6-months per year, but what if you only need a satellite internet solution for a few months of the year or here and there when and where needed?  We have a solution for you!  We offer the option for seasonal, month-to-month and on-demand services.  Contact us for more information!


Better, Faster, Support

You probably already know what it’s like trying to get support from anyone out there now days!  Press this, press that, please hold, you’re caller number…. and so on!  It’s very frustrating!  And if you’ve ever had to call HughesNet Customer Care for support, then you will understand when I tell you that we have many residential customers who chose to spend more money for our mobile-enabled equipment and more money per month for a larger monthly service plan than they probably would have needed, just to get our support!  That’s right… no more calling India and waiting on hold to speak with someone you can barely understand! No more listening to people read off of a screen while trying to assist you!  I’d like to say that we work very hard to take care of our customers, but believe it or not, most of our customers are able to take care of themselves once they are familiar with our equipment and services and with the variety of resources that we offer online to assist them!  But when that isn’t an option or when they get stuck in the process, we are here to help!  Although we do not officially offer 24/7 support, we do answer emails, text messages, and phone calls after hours and on weekends and holidays as quickly as we can!  We do offer English and Spanish support options!


Ready, Set, Go!

Ordering from us is easy!  First, make sure you are in our satellite footprint/coverage areas and make sure we have a monthly service plan that fits your needs and then visit our online store to select and order the system that best fits your needs!  Feel free to contact us if you need help any of that!  Once we receive your order and payment, we will drop ship the equipment out to you from one of our Hughes distributors, typically within 1 or 2 business days of your order and we will then email you tracking information and instructions as well as links with the setup and installation information, guides and videos!  You can let us know when you will be setting up the system if you wish, so we can make sure we’re available to assist you by phone, email or however necessary in case you get stuck in the assembly or setup process!  Once you have the system setup and pointed properly, you will need to select a Monthly Service Plan for your system and then submit a couple of online forms… an Account Request Form and a Credit Card Authorization Form.  We will typically respond to you within an hour or so during normal business hours with a SAN (Site Account Number) and a PIN (Personal ID Number) that you will use to bring your system online via a commissioning process that we are happy to lead you through!  You will pay a pro-rated amount for your service via Credit Card Auto Debit on the day of or day after the successful activation until the end of the month and then on then you will be charged for a full month of service on the 1st day of every month thereafter unless or until you suspend or cancel your service!  After that, you simply enjoy hassle-free, fast, and wireless satellite internet access where ever you go and contact us if and when you need anything!