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Why would I not choose this system or service?

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We realize that this HughesNet Gen5 Satellite Internet System on our VAR Business Internet platform is not for everyone, and since we prefer happy customers, we’re more than willing to be upfront and honest with you and even try to talk you out of it! Here are a few reasons why you might not choose to purchase this system and service:


Equipment Costs

Our “mobile-enabled” equipment on our VAR Business Internet platform is more expensive than standard HughesNet Consumer or Business Internet Systems and services and there’s really no reason for you to spend an extra $150 or more for equipment if you’re not really going to benefit from it! But remember… you can’t install, maintain or move around the standard HughesNet Consumer or Business Internet systems without a certified installer!


Monthly Service Costs

While our monthly service plans are very competitive to the HughesNet Consumer and Business Internet plans, our smallest monthly service plan is $89.95 per month for 35gig of data while the HughesNet Consumer platform has plans starting out at around $50 – $60 for 10gig of data.  You can get the same 35gig plan on the standard HughesNet Business Internet platform for $69.99 per month instead of $89.99 per month, so there’s really no reason to pay more for data that you do not need or to pay $20 more per month for a 35gig data plan unless you can benefit from our services in one way or another as pointed out here:  Why should I choose this system and service?  But remember… you can’t install, maintain or move around the standard HughesNet Consumer or Business Internet systems without a certified installer!


Suspension Fees

We charge $20 per month to suspend your monthly service!  That fee is not required on our HughesNet HN7000s platform or on the standard HughesNet Consumer platform, so if that is a factor to you that outweighs the benefits of this system and services, it’s something that you should consider for sure!  Feel free to contact us with your needs so that we can help you find the best solution!


Assembly, Installation, etc.

We have many customers on this platform who have had us install their system for them or help them find an installer in their area to assist them with the installation of our system, so you can certainly choose whether or not you wish to tackle that on your own or not, however being able to do so is one of the significant advantages of this system for sure!  There is a learning process for assembling this system and also for setting it up, pointing it to the satellite, and then commissioning it to bring it online!  Although we do offer videos and step-by-step instructions for that process, and although we are more than willing to lead you through that process over the phone or whatever…. that process does require some basic skills, basic tools, some physical strength, and agility as well as some patience that some people just might not have!  We understand that but it’s important that you know that this system and service might not be in your best interests if you aren’t willing to learn the process or if you don’t know how to re-peak the antenna or if you don’t have the patience to deal with issues that might arise with the system and service!  Sometimes, some people would rather just call a phone number and have someone else fix it and we get that!  On the bright side, we could probably find someone to assist you and we could even guide them through the process of getting your system back online if and when you ever have any issues, however, we do not have a National database of certified installers waiting for our call or your call to run out and assist you, so you might want to consider ordering a system and service that IS supported by a network of certified installers in your area instead!


Applications / Data Usage

Satellite Internet systems have definite drawbacks that you don’t see with other terrestrial networks!  Latency is the delay/time it takes for information to go from your computer, through the modem, to the satellite, back to an Earth station, back online and to the destination!  Satellite Internet systems have an inherent 600ms – 1200ms latency issue that makes it hard for them to properly support applications that require timed responses and fast replies!  While VPN and other applications might work over these systems and services, it’s typically very slow and other applications that require timed responses such as day-trading, online gaming, and other apps do not typically work well over these systems and services due to that latency issue.  Also, these systems, while marketed as offering “unlimited data” are throttled down to around 2mbps speeds if you go over your base amount of monthly data!  And while 2mbps speeds might be plenty for emailing and surfing and so on, the system is going to struggle with some applications depending on how many users and devices are connected to it at the same time and what applications they are running!  Also, when you understand that one Netflix movie can be 3gig – 6gig in size, it’s hard to suggest or recommend that these systems and services work great for Netflix unless you can afford a LARGE monthly service plan with a LOT of included data!  But, we also do have people who run out of full-speed data on day 3 of their billing period and just use the 2mbps speeds to do Netflix and everything they need to do online for the rest of the month, so that is probably an option as well for some people!   It’s just important that you consider that before jumping into this system thinking that it’s like cable internet or DSL or something you know!



I hope that this information will help you to make the best decision for your needs!  Again, we prefer happy customers and we’re not about sales gimmicks and bribes and other misleading tactics!  We prefer that you know exactly what you are getting into and exactly what to expect before you choose to make a purchase!  We offer a variety of solutions for satellite internet, and this site is only dedicated to one of many systems and services that we offer, so if you have any questions, please contact us as we are more than happy to go over the good, the bad and the ugly regarding these systems and service and we are also happy to go over other systems and services that might work better for you!