HughesNet HN7000S Satellite Internet Systems and Services

HughesNet HN7000s Ku-band Satellite Internet – VAR Business Internet Platform

HughesNet stopped signing up new customers to their HN7000s platform years ago, however, we still sell, service, install and support the HughesNet HN7000s Ku-Band equipment and services on our VAR Business Internet Platform for those who need it!  The HN7000s platform offers a larger coverage area than the newer, faster Gen5 platform including coverage for the Continental U.S. and many parts of Canada, most of Alaska and Mexico as well as the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Haiti, Cuba, and other areas that the Gen5 systems do not cover!  This platform offers speeds of up to 2.5mb down x 1mb up!  Our plans on this platform start out at 1mb x 200k for basic emailing and surfing at $99 – $109 per month!  This is the only HughesNet platform we offer that offers a “month-to-month” option for service!  The HughesNet HN7000s platform powers most of the old MotoSAT mobile systems and many other mobile and portable satellite internet solutions on the market!  We do offer service on a private-gateway that offers up to 1150mb of downloads per day and unlimited uploads!  This system is also popular for use with security systems that upload pics and video since it offers unlimited uploading capabilities!  Many RV’ers, and people in the oil, gas, mining and construction industries still use this platform as it also allows for self-installations and portable use!

  • Coverage areas: Continental U.S., Alaska, Parts of Canada and Mexico, Haiti, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Bahamas, and some other areas!
  • Speeds:  1mb down x 200k up – 2.5mb down x 1mb up depending on the plan
  • Monthly Service Plans:  $99.99 – $470.00 per month
  • Equipment Costs (fixed): $899.99 – $1199.99 (depending on site location and areas of service)
  • Equipment Costs (portable): $899.99 – $1199.99 (depending on location(s))
  • Equipment Costs (mobile automatic): Used and refurbished equipment ranges from $3000 – $10,000 typically!
  • Self-installable:  Yes
  • Portable:  Yes
  • Self-maintainable:  Yes
  • Standard Installation Cost:  Optional ($200 – $300+)
  • Suspension Option:  Up to 6 months per year under 18-month contract (extends contract), or you can pay more per month for “month-to-month” options!
  • VoIP Options:  Yes – $30 w/ 2-Year commitment or $35 per month w/out 2-Year commitment
  • Promotions:  Various depending on the current active promotions!
  • Warranty:  2-Years
  • Support:  Provided by HughesNet – You must be able to contact HughesNet Technical Support from your computer/modem location in order to get assistance and/or to have a work order created for service!  HughesNet will assign a tech, if necessary, to assist you at his or her earliest convenience!
  • Additional Data Purchase Option: (Purchased online via FAP Tokens)

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HughesNet HN7000s Monthly Service Plans & Pricing

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