Satellite Phones & Global Voice/Data Products & Accessories

We offer Iridium, Inmarsat, and Globalstar Satellite Phone Sales & Satellite Phone Rentals!

Satellite Phones are like cell phones, except they provide Global communication for voice & data!  We have handheld satellite phones that you can carry in your car or RV or take with you hiking!  We have solutions for fixed, portable, and mobile applications for land, sea, and air!  We offer pre-paid month-to-month plans as well as 1-year post-paid contract options!  Find out which satellite phone equipment and service is best for your needs by contacting us today!

Monthly Service Plans

We offer both pre-paid and post-paid plans!  So whether you use a satellite phone a couple of times a year, every month or every few months, we will have a plan for you!

Find out which equipment, service provider, and monthly service plan is best for your needs by contacting us today!

Satellite Phone Rentals

We offer handheld satellite phones for rent by the week, month and year!  We offer a few older models that start at around $35 per week + shipping as well as the latest and greatest models that are smaller, usually have a longer battery life, and additional features starting at around $99 per week!  We also offer slightly more affordable monthly rates as well!  These rental phones are shipped to you via whatever method is necessary and when you’re done with it, you simply slap the shipping label on them and return it!

Contact us if you would like to rent a satellite phone or submit the form below to get a quote and more information: