Flat Coaxial Cable Jumper for under a window, screen or door – 12″ long


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This Flat RG6 12″ long coaxial cable jumper assembly for use in doors and window jams when drilling through walls is not permitted.

The patent pending rail system protects the precision teflon coaxial cable from deformation due to bending or repetitive impact within a window or door frame.



  • True Coaxial Cable: 18 dB return loss @ 2150 MHz
  • Electrical Specs Do Not Degrade With Bending, Impact, or Temp
  • Higher Connector-Cable Holding Force: Greater than 60 lbs
  • Thinner Cable: Less than 3mm
  • High Center Conductor Holding F Connectors: Greater than 150g
  • Impact Durability: 50,000 impacts (with no electrical degradation)
  • Shape Retention: Employs a metal structure to hold sharper bends
  • Weather Seals: Included on outdoor connector for moisture protection
  • Meets All SCTE Requirements
  • DIRECTV Approved
  • UL Listed



1.50 in. wide x 1.50 in. high x 6.00 in. deep
Volume: 13.50 cubic in.
Weight: 0.15 lbs.

14.75 in. wide x 6.00 in. high x 15.75 in. deep
Volume: 1,393.88 cubic in.
Weight: 16.40 lbs.
Quantity: 100 ea.

Inner Case
7.88 in. wide x 5.88 in. high x 13.75 in. deep
Volume: 637.10 cubic in.
Weight: 7.45 lbs.
Quantity: 50 ea.

Additional information

Weight 1.0000 lbs
Dimensions 6.0000 × 2.0000 × 2.0000 in


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