HughesNet Gen5 HT2000W .98m 1-watt Satellite Internet System w/Heated De-ice Antenna


  • Basic System (does not include mount, cable or signal meter)
  • Heated .98m Satellite Dish Antenna
  • Offers 25mbps down x 3mbps speeds
  • Unlimited Data (No hard cut-offs! No overage charges!)
  • Monthly Service Plans starting at $89.95 per month
  • Designed for stationary and portable applications
  • Self-installable and self-maintainable!
  • 2-Year Contract and Month-to-Month options
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This is a HughesNet HT2000W .98m 1-watt Gen5 Jupiter 2 Ka-Band High-Speed Satellite Internet System w/ Heated Antenna
This item is the basic system and does not include a mount, cable, or any additional items!
If you are looking for our complete portable system with the mount, cable and signal meter, please contact us!


  • Basic System
  • Provides speeds of up to 25mbps down x 3mbps
  • Heated .98m Satellite Dish prevents snow and ice build-up on the antenna and feed assembly
  • This system can be self-installed and moved around (portable) when purchased from us and when service is provided from us!
  • Suspend your service for up to 6 months at a time at a cost of $20 per month!
  • User-friendly, simple to set up and maintain
  • Built-in dual-band wireless A/C access point and 4-port hub saves space!


Heated Dish / De-ice / De-icing / Anti-Ice / Satellite Dish Heater Information

The Global Skyware Antenna Anti-icing Systems are designed to keep the reflector and feed horn free from ice and snow during most inclement weather conditions. An automated sensor will energize the reflector and feed horn heaters, when temperatures fall below 3°C (38°F) and when moisture is present. This sensor prevents the system from being activated unnecessarily in order to
conserve energy. Each Factory Installed Anti-Ice System is pre-wired to the reflector and includes a feed horn heater kit. Each Anti-Ice System comes with a 9m (30ft.) power cord plus mounting hardware and bracket for the sensor. The heater elements are protected by a durable ABS cover over the lower rear half of the reflector. The Anti-Icing System is available in 120V or 240V versions.  This system has the 120v version!  View the heated satellite dish antenna spec sheet here:  HughesNet Gen5 98cm Heated Dish Antenna Spec Sheet

Power Consumption of the 120 volt .98m heated satellite dish is 163 watts at 1.4 amps.




Shipping Sizes & Weights:

  • Azel box including HT2000w modem, transmitter/LNB – 27x14x10 @ 22 lbs.
  • .98m fiber antenna and support arms – 40x40x5 @ 41 lbs.

SHIPPING NOTICE: If you order more than 1 system at a time, our online store is only going to calculate the flat-rate shipping for one system.  We will be invoicing you for the additional shipping for more than one system since it doesn’t cost us as much to ship each additional system to you as part of the same shipment!  We are working on resolving this calculation process, but for now, just know that if you are ordering 2 or more systems at once, we will bill you for whatever the additional shipping charges are once those costs are calculated!  If this concerns you, feel free to contact us for a shipping quote prior to ordering!


Optional Accessories:



  • Ka-band
  • 73-watt power supply
  • 1-watt transmitter


Manuals & User Guides:


Warranty / Return information:

  • 3-Year replacement warranty (some terms & conditions apply)
  • Unopened returns within 30 days are charged a 20% restocking fee
  • Opened returns are not accepted


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Weight 200 lbs
Dimensions 42 × 42 × 5 in


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