Non-Penetrating Flat Roof Mount – 2 3/8″ OD x 30″ tall


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The Baird B3-34×40 is a non-penetrating mount for ground and roof-top site installations.  The B3-34×40 is commonly used with:

  • Satellite antennas up to 1.0M
  • Wireless antennas
  • Cameras
  • Measurement equipment
  • Other applications

This mount works well with the HughesNet and other .74m and .98m antennas!

Many of our HughesNet customers prefer this mount as it’s a bit heavier duty than our $70 non-pen mount, so it can withstand higher winds and also supports the .98m antennas better than the $70 mount as well!

And, this mount still only weighs 44 lbs. so it is still fairly easy to move around if and when necessary!

Additional information

Weight 44.0000 lbs
Dimensions 6.0000 × 40.0000 × 34.0000 in


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