Non-Penetrating Ridge-Roof (Peak) Mount with 2 3/8″ OD x 2′ Mast


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This Baird heavy duty ridge-roof non-pen mount works for all 2 3/8″ OD (2.37″ OD) mast requirements.  This ridge-roof mount is used over the peak of a roof and is commonly used with DirecTV Slimline, Exede and other satellite dishes and antennas!  It can also be used with some microwave antennas, wireless antennas and for other applications.!  It can also be used with one of our mount adapters to create a smaller 2″ or 1.66″ (1 5/8″) OD. mast typically used with DirecTV, DISH Network and other satellite dishes!  At least then it’s easy to upgrade to a 2 3/8″ OD type dish later if necessary!

These mounts are commercial, heavy duty mounts made from heavy duty galvanized steel for sturdy, long lasting installations with less flexibility in high wind areas!

Rubber roof mat is included!


  • 2.37″ OD (2 3/8″ OD) mast
  • 2′ tall mast
  • Supports up to 1.0m satellite dish antennas
  • Footprint: 4′ x 6.6′ = 26.4 sq. ft.
  • Holds up to 12 – 8x8x16 concrete blocks or 2 1/2″ blocks


Shipping Dimensions:

  • 10″ wide x 10″ high x 60″ long
  • Weight: 74 lbs.


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IMPORTANT NOTE:   This is an over-size product and the $100 flat-rate shipping charge we hae on this item is ESTIMATED.
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Additional information

Weight 74.0000 lbs
Dimensions 60.0000 × 10.0000 × 10.0000 in


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