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NEW Mobile Automatic HughesNet Gen5 Satellite Internet Systems & Services

Update:  11/1/20:  Now shipping!  $5995.00 + shipping!  Contact us to order your high-speed mobile automatic satellite Internet system and service today at (888) 608-2299!

We are excited to be offering the most affordable mobile automatic satellite Internet systems, and one of the few powered by the HughesNet Gen5 Business Internet VAR Platform!  These systems were designed, built, and tested by some of the original pioneers and engineers in the mobile satellite industry that have been designing affordable solutions for many years!  We already know and trust that it will be very durable and reliable!

These systems offer 25Mbps download speeds and 3Mbps upload speeds with monthly service plans starting at just $89.99 per month and go up and lock onto the Internet satellite in just a few minutes with the touch of a button! Voice services are optional and start at just $39.99 per month as well!

Update 8/7/20:  We have this gem in our hands and are testing it now!  We expect to have pricing soon and to be shipping within a few weeks!  Be sure to fill out and submit the form below to be the first to get pricing and availability information!

This picture is of the new .90m mobile fully-automatic HughesNet Gen5 satellite Internet System!

mobile HughesNet Gen5 Satellite Interent Systems and Services

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Upgrade to ISPSAT for HughesNet Gen5 Service and Support

If you are a current HughesNet Consumer or HughesNet Business Internet Customer, and you are tired of waiting on hold to get support or waiting days or weeks or longer for a technician to get you back online, it may be beneficial for you to switch over to us!   We sell, service, and support our own customers, so you never have to deal with HughesNet again!


  • 25Mbps down x 3Mbps up speeds
  • Monthly Service plans start at $89.99 per month for 35gigs of data per month (25gigs from 8am – 6pm CST and 10gigs from 6pm to 8am CST)
  • A Static IP address is available for $20 per month
  • VoIP services are also available!  Click here for more information!



  • Imagine being able to re-peak your own satellite dish after a windstorm?
  • Imagine being about to upgrade, downgrade, suspend, re-activate, purchase additional data, or more online quickly and easily?
  • Imagine having access to monthly service plans that offer up to 550 gigabytes of data per month!
  • Imagine being able to take your system down and toss it in your RV and hit the road, or take it to your summer cabin or winter home?
  • Imagine calling someone for support who will probably recognize you by name and help you quickly with whatever issues you are having?
  • Imagine being able to get a replacement part shipped to you so that you can swap it out and get your system back online in a day or two rather than a week or more?
  • Imagine being able to use your system for a month or so here and there every year without a contract?  We offer a contract buy-out option that allows you to do that!



  • It could cost you $800 or so to switch over to us!  It will cost you $400 + shipping for modem and transmitter that you will need to switch over to us, and HughesNet may charge you up to a $400 cancellation fee for terminating your existing service with them!
  • Data on our VAR platform is designed and intended for “Business” applications.  Our monthly service plans give you more data between 8am – 6pm CST than they do in the evenings and early mornings like the HughesNet Consumer Platforms do, so you will want to make sure you get a big enough plan to handle your usage in the times you need it!  Check out all of our monthly service plans here before switching over to us!
  • A 2-year contract is required for our service as well, however, you can suspend your service for up to 6-months per year at a cost of $20 per month!  You can also choose to buy out your contract by paying the early termination fee of $400 upfront and then just use your equipment and service when you need it!
  • Self-installation, self-maintenance and moving these systems around require patience, as it can get very frustrating until you get used to working with the system!  We have detailed step-by-step instructions and we are also here to assist you by phone, text, email, Skype and more if and when you need us, but consider this something like having a Ham radio hobby in that it takes patience to get the hang of things!
  • HughesNet is HughesNet!  Although we can help solve many of the issues and complaints commonly associated with the HughesNet Consumer and Business Internet platform, it’s still the same satellite, the same bandwidth, the same latency, and so on!  We do not recommend HughesNet for streaming video, online gaming, remote desktop, video conferencing or anything like that due to the data consumption, the latency and more!   3 Netflix movies a month and you’re out of full-speed data and have been slowed down to around 2Mbps speeds!  I don’t believe our business internet platform gets as abused as the Consumer platform by streamers, because we don’t get nearly as many complaints on our platform as we do on the Consumer platform.


How do you switch over to us?

  1. First, you would need to order a new HT2000w modem and a 1-watt transmitter from us since our equipment is not the same as the HughesNet Consumer or Business Internet equipment and you cannot use HughesNet Consumer equipment on our platform!  That will cost you around $400 + shipping!
  2. Next, you need to request an account and service with us by submitting an Account Request Form and a Credit Card Authorization Form!  We will set up an account for you and send you a SAN and PIN and instructions on how to activate your new service on our platform.
  3. Once you receive your new modem and transmitter, you can use your old HughesNet dish and just swap out the modem and transmitter for your new ones on our platform!  Hopefully, your dish is still pointed properly so you shouldn’t need to mess with any of that!  If you do, we can show you how to fix that!
  4. Use your instructions or contact us so we can help you run through a commission process to connect your new modem to your new account and bring your system online!
  5. Once you are online and everything is working you will want to contact HughesNet at (866) 347-3292 or (866) 347-3272 to cancel your existing service!  NOTE: If you have not had your existing service for 2-years, they will probably charge you an early termination fee unless you can convince them to waive that fee for you!  That rarely happens, but you can try!  The cancellation fee can be up to $400 and you will probably need to return your modem and transmitter to HughesNet upon cancellation!  Again, they usually let you keep the dish but we cannot and will not guarantee that!  You might want to contact HughesNet to make sure before ordering equipment from us!

That is about all there is to it!  Once you switch over, everything you need is at !  Whether you are purchasing additional dataupgrading or downgrading your plansuspending or re-activating your serviceupdating your billing information or getting support, or anything, it’s all handled through that site or by calling us at (888) 608-2299!  You will never have to contact HughesNet again!