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VAR Advantages – Unique installations

One advantage to our the VAR Business Internet platform that uses the HughesNet Gen5 Jupiter Satellite Internet Systems and Services on our VAR Business Internet Platform, is that we have more flexibility and options for installation than the standard HughesNet Consumer or Business Internet platforms allow!  Many of our customers tried to get HughesNet Consumer equipment and services, but since an installation could not be performed to the tight specifications of the standard HughesNet platforms, the installer was forced to label it “site not feasible” and move on to the next installation!

Don’t get me wrong… as a certified HughesNet installer, I understand why they do not want to take any chances and support any installations that do not fit into their guidelines because they do not want their customers to experience any problems with their service, and they do not want to have to support any installations that do not fit within their installation guidelines!  After all, it’s hard to justify paying to send an installer back out to a home to move a dish because a tree entered the line-of-site or because the mount didn’t hold up!

We quickly realized that HughesNet or Viasat was the only option for many people here in Montana and in other areas to ever have Internet access at their rural home or business!  The other issue is that there are not any certified installers for HughesNet or Viasat in many areas of the U.S., so many customers can be waiting weeks or months for installation and then weeks and months again for a tech to return if and when they have any issues!  Our VAR platform solves all of this and more!

First the disclaimer… the following examples are unique installations and they are not part of anything that we would ever promote or recommend as a good or reliable installation option!

We have a customer that travels around the Northwestern, United States in a small car playing an online game called “Ingress!”  Yes, that’s right!  He travels to different locations to capture or attack virual portals that are often located in remote areas!  And since he needs internet access in order to log in and capture or attack a virtual portal in a remote area, our HughesNet Gen5 Jupiter Satellite Internet System on our VAR Business Internet Platform was the most affordable solution for him compared to other players who use satellite phone networks or BGAN systems and services that are very expensive to use at like $4 – $7 per mb.!   He travels around in a small Honda Civic sometimes, so needless to say he doesn’t have a lot of room to haul a big mount with him!  In fact, I’m surprised he had room to haul the antenna!

When he showed up at our office in Kalispell, MT, he whipped that iron wheel and his leveling blocks out of his trunk, pulled the antenna out of the back-seat, whipped out his phone to get his lat and long, pulled out his magnetic compass to find the azimuth, set the elevation on the antenna and had the system pointed and online in 15 minutes or less!  When I tested the antenna for stability, it was as solid as one of our flat non-pen mounts as that old wheel he used was heavier than it looks and therefore we had no issues with this setup!

HughesNet would never allow this type of mount or portability for that matter simply because the last thing they want is people contacting them because they can’t find a satellite or because their antenna moved and the system is offline!  But, since this customer is responsible for his own installation and service, if he’s offline, he knows how to fix it himself!

Here’s another example of a trimast roof mount installation we performed for a customer last week at a home in the mountains of Montana that would have never met the HughesNet Consumer or HughesNet Business Internet installation requirements or standard required on those platforms!  He contacted us for a solution and we were able to find a decent line of site and mount the system on his roof just above his DirecTV dish.  Now, obviously, this isn’t a standard installation for a few reasons.  First, because we wouldn’t normally mount our system that close to a DirecTV or DISH Network and normally.  Second, there was a much narrower line-of-site between the trees than normally allowed by HughesNet, and third, we would normally not be allowed to mount on that steep of a roof pitch because this isn’t the proper way to use a trimast wall or roof mount, so HughesNet would have never approved this installation since they would have had to stand behind the installation and warranty and support it!  But, the advantage in this situation and with our VAR platform is that WE can make that choice since WE are the ones who have to stand behind it and support it!  Obviously, we made the customer aware that this installation would not be within HughesNet specifications and we made sure that he understood that additional work may be needed in the future to maintain a clear line of site and also that he would have to figure out a way to sweep the snow off of the antenna if he loses service!  We spent a lot of time on this installation, making sure the trimast mount was bolted into the rafters under the shingles and we added additional screws to secure the support arms and so on.  We also sealed the holes with asphalt sealant to prevent leaks!  Normally, we prefer to install this system on a ground pole mount, or on a trimast wall mount as installing these systems on the roof in areas that can get 5 – 7 feet of snow in the winter is not the best idea in the World, but in this case, it was the only way this customer could have gotten internet access at his home!  We could have also used one of our ridge-roof mounts over the peak of the roof, however we wanted to make it a bit easier for the customer to reach the antenna with a long pole (like an extendable pruning saw something) to knock the snow off and easier for us to get to to repeak the dish if and when needed as well!

So, if your site has been labeled “site not feasible” by a certified HughesNet installer, you will probably want to contact us to go over your needs as we might be able to provide you with a solution that the standard HughesNet Consumer or HughesNet Business Internet Platform was unable to provide for you!