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Why all of the bad reviews about HughesNet?

Every day I see someone complaining about their HughesNet system and service, so I’ve decided to spend some time addressing some of those issues as quickly and easily as I can for you here!  Now I’m not saying that HughesNet service isn’t free from issues and frustrations, because they do have issues from time to time that gets very frustrating for sure!  But, here are the top reasons why people end up unhappy with HughesNet and how you can help ensure that you don’t become one of them:

I believe the biggest problem with HughesNet is that it’s too often over-sold to the wrong people for the wrong reasons!  This is a broad topic for sure, but I’m going to cover a few issues where over-selling comes into play far too often with HughesNet!

First, it’s important to know that there are many different ways you can hear about and get into HughesNet.  You will see ads on TV all of the time, and they could be from HughesNet themselves or they could also be from a number of different National Sales Groups that sell HughesNet, or maybe even from your local dealer, you just never know where they originate from or who you are calling to order from!  THIS alone is a huge problem because there is very little accountability when you order from HughesNet Direct or from a National Sales Group or some regional sales-only dealer!  We live in a day and age where very few salespeople are ever held accountable for spreading misinformation!  Most salespeople are after numbers, their managers are after numbers, and chances are, once you agree to get the service the person who convinced you to get it will ever hear from you again, so there is very little accountability when you order from HughesNet Direct or a National Sales Group or other Sales-only company!  Don’t get me wrong, there are some good ones out there, but you are far better off to look in your phone book or search online for a LOCAL HUGHESNET DEALER in YOUR AREA and order DIRECTLY from them!  Why? Because they are less likely to mislead you, they will care much more about whether you are happy or not with your service much more than some random salesperson in New York trying to hit 20 sales a day who will never have to talk to you or hear from you again and who you will have no way of contacting in the future and no way of holding him or her accountable for the information they gave you to get you to sign up to service.  Side note, if you’re going to search online for a local dealer, don’t use Google to do it or you’ll get nothing but paid advertising!  Use a search engine like or something instead if you want real results!

First, a good salesperson should be VERY concerned with what YOU want or need to do online!  HughesNet is not cable internet, DSL or 3G/4G Internet access, it is satellite-based internet access that is designed and intended for areas where OTHER solutions such as cable internet, good DSL and other solutions are not even available and here are a few reasons why:

Latency:  If you live in town and can get good 20mbps or even 10mbps DSL, I would NEVER try to convince you that you are better offer with faster 25mbps x 3mbps from HughesNet.  Cable Internet and DSL are terrestrial solutions which means low latency, (less delay), which means they work fine for online gaming, VPN (Virtual Private Networking), VoIP (Voice over Internet) and other internet applications that HughesNet, Viasat, and other satellite-based systems and services will not support or will struggle to support because of the distance and delay in communicating between your satellite dish and the satellite and back to Earth again!  Cable and DSL typically has a 12 – 76ms (milliseconds) latency, while HughesNet can be 600 – 1200ms latency.  That’s the time it takes for a simple keystroke to get to the internet.  Thus the reason connecting a PS4 or Xbox to HughesNet is not a great idea if you’re playing any timing-sensitive games and the reason I would suggest HughesNet for online gaming other than playing Words with Friends or some Facebook games that aren’t time-sensitive!  Thus the reason I would never recommend HughesNet to anyone who wants or needs a solution that will support online gaming, VPN and so on! Sure, some VPN applications work over HughesNet, but they’re usually really slow because of the latency issues that are inherent with satellite internet solutions!

Unlimited Data: Most cable internet solutions and DSL solutions and even some 3G/4G cellular solutions offer “unlimited data!”  But some of those companies still throttle you if you use up so much data!  HughesNet loves marketing their new Gen5 system as offering UNLIMITED DATA, but you can do a lot more at 25mbps speeds than you can at 2mbps speeds! Now, if you told me you can only get 2mbps – 10mbps speeds over DSL and it hasn’t been very reliable for you, I might recommend HughesNet IF and ONLY if you aren’t someone who expects to be able to Netflix all month long over satellite.   One Netflix movie is 3gig – 6gig in size, so needless to say, if you’re only on a 10gig, 20gig or even 35gig HughesNet plan, that’s not many movies a month before you go over your base data and are slowed down to 1.5mbps – 2mpbs speeds and you can only stream Netflix at those speeds if no one else and no other devices are using the internet at the same time!  Now, if you want to purchase a larger data plan which some people choose to do… you can watch all the Netflix you want, or if you don’t mind slow internet and only have one or two people / devices using the system, you might be able to Netflix at slower speeds even after you go over your data, but I would NEVER encourage you to even attempt that and I would certainly never insist that it will even work!  Remember I mentioned overselling?  HughesNet will never tell you in a TV ad that a Netflix movie is 3gig – 6gig because they’re usually promoting a $49.99 or $59.99 plan which only gives you 10gig – 20gig of data per month!  Sure, they say it’s unlimited data, but they throttle you if you go over your base monthly data and Netflix will barely work on the slower speeds and if you have several people or devices using your internet, forget about it!  Thus the reason I would hesitate to sell HughesNet to anyone who wants to be able to watch Netflix all month long or to someone who can access other internet access solutions that offer unlimited data!

Concurrent users/devices:  Speaking of several people using your system at once or connecting several devices!  Did you know that if you told a salesperson that you have 10 people or even 10 devices in your home that you want to connect to HughesNet that they aren’t even supposed to offer you HughesNet?  Yet, MANY homes have over 10 internet devices in their homes!  My wife and I have 2 smartphones, 2 tablets, 2 desktop computers, and a laptop.  We also have Vivint Home Security, 3 Amazon Alexa devices and 3 Fire TV boxes.  We would NEVER even qualify to have HughesNet if we planned on allowing all of those devices to connect to our HughesNet Satellite Internet.  Why?  Because HughesNet is not made to support that type of use!  I wouldn’t even recommend HughesNet to a family of 6 because they’re going to use a ton of data and even 6 devices on the system are going to slow it down significantly!   We have iDirect Commercial systems and services that I would probably recommend to them instead if they had no way of managing their use and only allowing 5 or 6 people/devices online at the same time because HughesNet is not designed to support more than 10 concurrent users/devices and it starts slowing down significantly after 3 or 4 people/devices are connected.  In my experience, most National salespeople will not even ask you about the number of devices you plan on connecting and often they won’t even ask you about the number of people who will be using the service even though they are supposed to as part of the standard sales interview process and then too often you will here… “Oh it will be fine!” when it actually won’t be at all!

Support:  I would bet this is the #2 or #3 problem with HughesNet!  Who wants to call someone in India pretending to be named Joe in order to get support?  Wouldn’t you rather just call the guy down the road that sold you your system and maybe even installed your system?  Here’s how it works!  Normally when people order HughesNet from HughesNet or a National Sales Group from a TV add or from any regional or National sales team, once the sales and installation is complete, you need to contact HughesNet for support.  If you cannot be sitting in front of your computer while talking to them over the phone to test and diagnose the problem, they aren’t going to send anyone out to help you because they don’t know if it’s a computer issue, a HughesNet issue, or an installation issue!  So, if you don’t have the ability to call them from the site, you could be out of luck!  But if they decide you need a tech to visit you, they create a work order, assign it to a regional distributor who assigns it to a random company or dealer, who assigns it to a random installer or if you’re luck enough to have a local dealer/installer in your area, they will get the order and take care of you IF you ordered from them originally!  The problem with this is that this process can take several days and unless there is a tech in your area, it can take a week or so to get you back up and running!  So, if you order from a local dealer/installer, you have a much better chance of getting someone out to take care of you sooner than later, OR if you purchase our HughesNet Gen5 system and services on our VAR Business Internet platform, you can simply call us and we can troubleshoot it with you and possibly even tell you how to fix the issue yourself or get yourself back online without having to even wait for a tech to show up!  HughesNet certainly isn’t going to do that for you or even allow you to do that unless it’s something simple like rebooting your modem or checking cables, etc.!

Installation:  Why would I put this after “Support”?  Remember I mentioned all of those people involved in the support process and getting you back online?  The same process happens when you order HughesNet from HughesNet or from a National Sales Group or whatever!  One salesperson sells you on the system and then you are assigned a random installer who is traveling around trying to knock out 2, 3, or 4 installations in one day because that’s how they make their money!  Now there are some great installers out there for sure, but because of the way it is set up, most of them are in a hurry to get from A to B to C and because of that, even though HughesNet has some very good “quality of installation” procedures in place, many times customers are left with a half-ass installation.  Instead of spending some time and peaking your antenna to 121 signal, your installer might see a 115 and know it will connect and call it good!  Maybe that lag bolt doesn’t get tightened down all the way or that pole mount wasn’t completely set up in the concrete, maybe there’s a tree that could be a problem when the wind blows or in the line-of-site a year or two down the road?  If your dish isn’t peaked properly or secured properly or has line-of-site issues at all, the first time you get a moderate rainfall or snowfall or even heavy cloud cover, your system might go offline or slow down dramatically, when other, better quality installations will remain online!  Our installations usually take us 3 – 5 hours each because we want to ensure that your system is going to provide you the best, most reliable service it is capable of!  A good, local dealer will want to make sure that you receive the best service possible, because the last thing he wants is you out there bashing the service or his company!  A National salesperson will never even hear about any issues you might be having and even if they were to, they have no way to control your quality of installation!  Again, another reason to order from a local dealer/installation provider, course that’s not always an option!  The HughesNet Gen5 systems and services we offer can be self-installed and moved around, but we can work with you to make sure you have the best signal possible so that your installation is trouble-free and so you can access the fastest speeds and the best service available!

Data Consumption:  There are a ton of complaints online from HughesNet customers about using up all of their data and going through so much data!  They tend to blame the system itself or HughesNet for using up all of their data, when in reality, the HughesNet modem itself only uses about 42kb of data per day just logging data for quality of service purposes, making sure everything is fine and so on! The ONLY way you can use up your data is by having a device or devices connected to the modem that is actually sending and receiving data, and that can be happening in the background even when you aren’t using your device!  Now, if your HughesNet dish is not pointed correctly and if it is experiencing errors in sending and receiving data, then it has to send and receive some of the same packets of data over and over again to make sure the data is correct, so in THAT case or if you have a bad connector or piece of cable or something, then in THAT case, you will use up more data than you would if your system is peaked and pointed correctly and everything is working as it should!  However, even in that case, it’s not going to use up that much more data!  Now here’s something most people do not know…  some of our customers will tell us that they had a 3G/4G plan and only used up 5gig of data per month, but now they are going through 10gig – 15gig per month over HughesNet!  Yes, that’s probably true because MANY devices and apps will not use the same about of data over a cellular connection as they use over a WiFi connection.   Many devices will not allow software updates unless they recognize a WiFi connection, and many file-sharing programs like Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox and so on do not sync until they are connected to WiFi instead of 3G/4G so typically your smartphone, tablet or other devices are going to use up much more data on a HughesNet WiFi connection than they would over 3G/4G!   Again, we would never sell someone on a HughesNet system if we thought they have too many people or devices for the system to handle or we thought they were going to use a ton of data that they aren’t willing to pay for.  Unfortunately, many National salespersons aren’t going to be concerned about that either since they’ll never hear from you again!  Also, the built-in WiFi on your HughesNet modem is password protected and it’s your job to manage your data and make sure who’s using your system and who’s not!  If you don’t protect your password or if you allow several people or devices access to your system, you’re going to use up more data for sure!  iPads and iPhones are the worst!  I recommend going in and disabling all of the background apps that you don’t need to use while you are connected to your HughesNet WiFi unless you’re willing to buy a bigger data plan to support that data consumption!  Either way, it’s not HughesNet using up your data, it’s you and your devices or someone else who has your password!

Monthly Service Plans:  Some people can get by on 10gig per month of data, others can not and will not!  It depends on what you need/want to do online and how many users and devices will be connected to the system!  If you only need 10gig – 20gig of data per month, then the HughesNet Consumer platform might be your best option to save you some $$ but you will want to keep in mind the other issues I’ve mentioned relating to HughesNet Consumer before you place the order!  We have no reason to upsell you a plan that you will not use but you might want to know that many National sales teams make more commission if they sell you a bigger plan!  On our VAR Business Internet platform, you can upgrade or downgrade your plan as needed and you can also purchase additional full-speed anytime data whenever you wish!  And we don’t just offer 3 or 4 different monthly service plans like HughesNet Consumer or HughesNet Business Internet… our VAR Business Internet platform offers 35gig – 550gig monthly service plans from $90 – $1100 per month for you to choose from!  Additional data is currently $3 per gig (at the time of this post) which is typically less expensive than 3G/4G/LTE data which is normally around $5 per gig!

HughesNet Maintenance and Downtime:  HughesNet usually notifies us when they are going to have planned maintenance or downtime.  We have a mailing list that our customers can join that will inform you of these planned outages so you can plan accordingly!  It is on very rare occasions that the system will just go down at random!  I think in our area last year, there was a total of 16 hours of downtime for customers in our beam over Kalispell, MT and that was mostly during some beam issues that took a day or so to resolve, which brings us me to my next point.  If you are in need of an internet access solution that offers 100% uptime and 24/7 support, then I would never encourage you to settle for HughesNet or for just one HughesNet system anyway!  We have a few home-office people that use our $3000 iDirect Satellite Internet System and a $300 – $600 per month internet access plan alongside of a HughesNet Gen5 System on our VAR Business Internet platform just so they have a backup solution in place and are far less likely to never be without Internet access!  So please do not assume for a second that you can get 100% uptime and 24/7 support for $50 – $60 per month with HughesNet.  Companies like iDirect (which we also offer) offer a much higher uptime as well as some redundancy options but they are not cheap by any means!  You get what you pay for!

Unhappy customers:   As I mentioned above, I can read complaints about HughesNet all day long, but I can almost always tell immediately why they are unhappy or experiencing issues!  Sometimes it’s simply because they didn’t take the time to read the fine print before signing up!  It’s all in the contract, but if you don’t take time to read it or if you get a salesperson who doesn’t inform you correctly, you will not be a very happy customer!  As of the date of this post, we currently have over 700 happy customers on HughesNet Gen5 in Northwestern Montana alone, from the Yaak to Polebridge, to White Sulpher Springs and we have many other happy customers in other areas throughout the U.S. including the oil rigs in North Dakota, Texas and New Mexico and residences and businesses in the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. Our systems and services came in very handy to get people back online after the hurricanes hit those areas!  Our customers were able to take their satellite dish down before the storm and put it back up and get right back online after the storm!  New customers were able to order a system from us, have it shipped to them within 15 days or so and get themselves installed and online within days of that, while others, even existing HughesNet Consumer customers in those areas were stuck waiting 3 – 6 months to get back online and many are still waiting to get back online as of the date of this post!  Why do we have happy customers?  Because we offer a “no-bull” approach to sales and a high-quality installation or installation support anyway.  We do not over-sell our customers and we make sure to go over the ups and downs and ins and outs of our systems and services so there are no surprises later!  We actually turn-down customers if and when we do not feel that they will be happy with our system or service because there’s nothing worse than having an unhappy customer out there cutting down your product or service.  Is HughesNet right for you?  Maybe not!  Or maybe satellite Internet from HughesNet or Viasat is the only solution you can get anyway, so maybe you’re just going to have to sacrifice some speeds and capabilities and learn to manage your data accordingly!

Well, that about covers it and it’s for all of the reasons mentioned above that we have chosen to offer our own HughesNet Gen 5 VAR Business Internet Platform that we sell, service and support in-house!  We can take much better care of our customers and we usually know them by name if and when we ever hear from them!  We care about our reputation and we only want happy customers!  We will probably try to talk you out of our system before we try to talk you into it because we have no reason at all to sell this system to people who we feel aren’t going to be happy with it!  We aren’t after a million customers on our platform, we’re after a few thousand so that we can take care of each customer quickly and easily!  I’ve mentioned it before, but HughesNet Consumer and Business Internet platforms do not allow their customers to touch their own system.  You can’t re-peak the antenna, you can’t replace a part, you can’t take it down before a storm or wildfire or hurricane and put it back up and get yourself back online after it passes, you can’t move it around or anything without a certified technician!  With our system, you can do all of that!  If a part fails, we ship you a new one and you can replace it if you wish, or find a local handyman to do it for you!  We will gladly work with anyone to help you get your system back online quickly and easily if and when you have issues!  Or, if you are in one of our local service areas, then we are happy to assist you with installation and service calls when needed!

Short answers to the common complaints we see online:

Q: I’m already out of data after only watching 4 Netflix movies!
A: Yes, that’s because the average Netflix movie is 3gig – 6gig in size depending on the device/resolution you are watching it at, so if you only have a 10gig or 20gig data plan, that’s 3 – 4 movies at the most!
A: You should purchase a larger data plan, purchase more data or reconsider watching Netflix!
A: When you go over your base (full-speed) data, you are only slowed down to 1.5mbps – 2mbps speeds which should be enough to surf, email and watch Netflix UNLESS you have several users or devices connected to your system!

Q: I’m barely getting 12mbps and it’s horribly slow!
A:  Either you have too many people/devices connected to your system or something is wrong with your system!  (pointing and peaking typically)
A: 12mbps isn’t slow at all, many people only have 2mbps internet access, some are lucky to get 10mbps.

Q: I can’t play my games online with my PS4 or Xbox?
A:  Your salesperson should have made it clear to you that some online gaming does not work well, if at all over HughesNet due to the latency issues!

Q:  My HughesNet Voice Service sucks!
A:  We’ve been selling HughesNet Gen5 service since April of 2017 and I have yet to recommend HughesNet Voice Service to anyone because I’ve used it and experienced it and although some of our customer who have insisted on it are happy with it for calling family and friends, most of them are not happy with it at all, so I would never recommend it for an emergency situation or for handling business calls!  Once again, this is on your salesperson for not being knowledgeable of the service or for not informing you of the issues with it!

Q: I’ve been waiting 2 weeks for a tech to show up!
A: I always recommend ordering from a local dealer/installer when and where possible, but that’s not always an option because there are far more people selling HughesNet than there are installing it, so certified installers and technicians are few and far between!  We are honest and upfront about our scheduling, but can usually do our local installs within 2 – 4 days of your order!  One of the reasons our HughesNet Gen5 VAR Business Internet Systems and Services are becoming so popular is because our customers can usually fix their own issues and get themselves back online quickly and easily without the need to wait for a certified tech to show up and get them back online and also saving them $$ on a service call!

Q: I’m using twice the data over HughesNet that I ever used on 3G/4G/LTE!
A:  That’s because most smartphones, tablets and other devices run additional apps and updates and so on when they detect that they are connected to a WiFi connection than they run over a 3G/4G/LTE network!  For example, Facebook will typically auto-play videos when your smartphone is connected to WiFi, but it usually doesn’t when it’s connected to mobile data!

Q: This service sucks and now I’m tied to a 2-year contract or have to pay a $400 early termination fee!
A:  The contract and termination fee are all in the contract that you agreed to, but you also have/had 30-days to try out this system and service on the HughesNet Consumer and Business Internet Platforms!  If you are/were not happy with it you can/could have returned the system and get/gotten out from under the contract if you cancel/cancelled within 30-days of the installation.  So, there should be no excuses for you being stuck in a contract if you were not happy with the service!
A:  Better yet… we do not want unhappy customers on our HughesNet VAR Business Internet Platform either, so you can return your system to us within 30 days for a refund if you are not happy with it!  We also have the ability on our VAR platform, to simply pass your account onto the next new customer so we rarely have to hold people to the $400 cancellation fee even if they have their system over 30 days and we will even help you resell your system to someone else if you are not happy with it or if it doesn’t fit your needs!

Feel free to contact us at (888) 608-2299 if you have any questions or check out for more information on this awesome new technology that we’re offering!